Monday, April 30, 2018

Former Philippine Star Reporter shames Kuwait for expelling the PH ambassador due to leaked OFW rescue operation

Photo credit: Facebook and Google
Former Philippine Star Reporter Bobby Capco publicized his shaming post on Facebook after the Kuwaiti government expelled the Philippine ambassador out of their country over a leaked video rescue operation of an Overseas Filipino Worker that was released on social media.

The Kuwaiti government is, without a doubt, truly preposterous. They deported the Philippine ambassador because the video shows the truth. The true colors of the Kuwaitis, rich, slave-tolerating and abusing bastards who think that their liquid gold can buy anyone. They want to live under the image that their country and its people are pacifists who love Filipinos, when in reality, the only thing that love in Filipinos is beating the shit out of them.

It seems like the Philippine Embassy favors dignity like President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. The Philippines doesn’t need Kuwait’s money in exchange for the constant battering, harassing and raping of the Filipino community in their god-forsaken country.

But what’s the most disappointing is the fact that some Filipinos sided Kuwait on the leakage of the footage. These “yellow maggots” as Capco stated,

“...will decry the leak of the video are taking the side of an autocratic government whose sole interest is to keep legal slaves for its people and its monarchs.”
That these people who are in between being in favor with the rescue yet against the leaked footage are nothing but indecisive being whose existence will only lead to the deaths and abuse of more Filipinos in Kuwait. While these maggots are busy criticizing the act of leaking the footage, Capco looks forward other sources of oil and money. Capco stated that,

“It’s all or nothing in this game, boys and girls. We can find other sources of oil, believe me”
Source: Bobby Capco FB page