Saturday, August 25, 2018

Senator Gordon praises Duterte’s appointment of Teresita de Castro as Chief Justice: "Well deserved..."

Senator Dick Gordon and new Chief Justice Teresita de Castro. Image combined credit to Inquirer and Rappler
Teresita Leonardo de Castro as the Justice Chief

The appointment by the President of Supreme Court Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo de Castro as Chief Justice may be “well-deserved,” said Senator Gordon.
Chief Justice Teresita de Castro. Image credit to CNN Philippines
Gordon following reports that the President selected de Castro from a shortlist of three candidates enlisted by the Judicial Bar Council; “It is a great reward for those who have been there for a long time. All of them (Associate Justices) are qualified.”

Associate Justices Diosdado Peralta and Lucas Bersamin were the the two in JBC shortlist of three potential Chief Justice.

De Castro could not deal with the issues of shortages of courts, as she could deliberate about this particular issue and other needs of the Judiciary with Duterte, she being picked by the President, said Gordon. De Castro “has a good record” was being stressed at the Supreme Court where she began as an assistant.

A member of the JBC, according to Gordon he and his classmates had prayed for the arrangement of de Castro as the Chief Justice.

In 1972, De Castro graduated law from the University of the Philippines. Upon achieving the mandatory retirement age of 70, her two-month residency at the High Tribunal will end on Oct. 10. She is the second most senior Associate Justice at the Supreme Court.


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