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WORD WAR 2 | Duterte slams Cebu City mayor Tommy Osmeña: 'Cebu not Yours, I am no drug protector'

Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña and President Rodrigo Duterte. FILE PHOTO: Image combined credit to Eagle News and PhilStar

Duterte made fun of Mayor Osmeña’s urinary catheter

Last Thursday evening, Duterte attacked Cebu City Mayor Osmeña for making up stories about him and saying that he is an illegal drug trade protector. One of his staff was asked to arrange a meeting to an official whom he did not name at first.

According to Duterte in a speech during Mandaue City’s 49th Charter Day celebration, “I came here because i wanted to speak with a certain official. Kung magkita mi, tamparoson nako sya (If we see each other, I will slap him),"

The official was slammed for allegedly saying, Ayaw hilabti ang Cebu, kay amo ni (Leave Cebu alone. This is our turf.) He named Osmeña.
PARTY MATES Cebu City mayor-elect Tommy Osmena (middle) with Vice President Leni Robredo. FILE PHOTO: Image credit to Rappler
He said, “Hoy, Tomas, dili na ni panahon sa Katsila. Kanang style nimo nga mura ka'g si kinsa, taas kaayo ka manulti. Ingon pa ka nga ako protector ng shabu. Ingnan tika magkita ta. Anak ka ng p***, ayaw pagtoong kinsa..Dili gani ta magkasinabot sa atong storya tamparuson taka sa daghang tawo.”

"Who are you to say that? As if you own Cebu? By what right? Just because you were a former president's son or grandson?” He added.

FILE PHOTO: Image credit to

Cebu City Mayor-elect Tomas Osmeña with President Rodrigo Duterte. FILE PHOTO:  Image credit to Cebu Daily News -
Osmeña is one of the late President Sergio Psmeña Sr. who is the only Cebuano who became the President back in the Commonwealth period from 1944 - 1946.

"Kahibaw ka unsay sakit nimo, Tom? Hubris, proud ba, hambugero, kanang tawo nga tan-aw niya dili siya masayop (You know what your problem is, Tom? Hubris, you are proud, arrogant. You think that you could not make a mistake)," Duterte said.

Duterte pointed out Osmeña because of his arrogance.

"Cebu City is not your property. It has never been your territory. You are there because you have a name," he added.
Cebu City Mayor-elect Tomas Osmeña shares a table with President Rodrigo Duterte. FILE PHOTO:  Image credit to Cebu Daily News -
Back in 2008 Mayor Osmeña underwent surgery to remove his urinary bladder, prostate and 42 lymph nodes and up to this time he has a drainage bag which is attached to his stomach and still undergoes medical check-up annually; Duterte made fun of this.

According to Osmeña on his Facebook post, Duterte should know that there are two sides to any story.


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Source: SunStar