Tuesday, September 25, 2018

An open letter to ADMU and La Salle Presidents penned by a PMA alumnus class 77

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Former Navy officer and PMA Class 1977 graduate Dan Jimenez recently slammed the joint letter made by the country’s two most prominent universities La Salle and Ateneo. The letter was made to commemmorate the 46th anniversary of Martial Law.

Superior Intellect

In a post he shared on his Facebook account, Dan Jimenez slammed the top honchos of La Salle and Ateneo for their seemingly careless and hastily written statements. Coming from the presidents of the top two educational institutions in the country, Jimenez said he expected a better written letter from people with superior intellect.

"There can be no moving on without admittance, contrition and reparation. Until then, the evil tentacles of Martial Law will continue to fester and wound our democracy",the joint statement said. Jimenez remarked that how can Marcos admit and repent when he is already dead.

Let’s Move On

Jimenez likewise criticized the presidents for saying that the effects of Martial Law is being felt and wounds our democracy. He defended that it has been 32 long years since the Martial Law was lifted, and Marcos has long been deposed. Even the tenure of the two Aquino president did not improve but otherwise worsened the state of the country.

Young Filipinos Deserve The Truth

While Dan Jimenez agrees that the younger generation need to learn the lessons of history, they also need to understand that history is not history unless it is the truth. And the truth is that those who present themselves as the saviour of democracy are the very same people who become purveyors of abuse and suppressors of freedom. That 30 years after Marcos was deposed, the state of the country was worse than it ever was.

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To the Presidents of La Salle and Ateneo:

You wrote and I quote: "there can be no moving on without admittance, contrition and reparation. Until then, the evil tentacles of Martial Law will continue to fester and wound our democracy".

I would assume that you have a superior intellect than most. I just don't know whether you read your statement first before you signed it.

How can Marcos admit and offer contrition and reparation when he is dead? Can you show the way so we can all move on? Bwahahahahahaha! Excuse me, I can't help it.

How can the tentacles of Martial Law continue to fester and wound our democracy when it has been over 32 years since Martial Law has been lifted and Marcos has been deposed? What festering tentacles and democracy's wounds is Marcos still inflicting? May I repeat that he is dead?

I do agree with you that young Filipinos should understand and learn the lessons of history. That those who presented themselves savior of democracy became purveyors of abuse and suppressors of dissent. That after Marcos, the ordinary Filipinos' state deteriorated even more. That 30 plus years after, Ninoy Aquino's murder is still unsolved even with the wife and the son becoming president. That history from the mouth of academicians stuck in their ivory towers should never be taken without a mouthful of salt.

BTW, do you really think that because you are the presidents of La Salle and Ateneo, your statement is beyond reproach? That it should be taken hook, line, sinker and letter head? Should the ordinary Filipino just bow and whimper " we are not worthy?"

Have you had your daily dose of superiority yet?

Dan Jimenez

Philippine Military Academy
Class of 1977

Source: Dan JimenezAteneo de Manila University