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Atty. Glenn Chong probe on Senate witnesses: "PAANO NAKAPASOK ANG MGA PEKENG RESULTA?"

Atty.Glenn Chong and three witness in May 2016 election fraud. Image combined credit to ABS-CBN and Philippine Headline News Online
In May 2016, three witnesses went to Senate to meet with Senators accompanied by Pastor Boy Saycon to expose an alleged poll-rigging operation to favor candidates of the administration.

According to the whistleblowers who are members of Iglesia ni Cristo, they want to clear their involvement in the election fraud in Quezon province. 

One whistleblower said that they were not aware that they would take part of the scheme until election day itself. What they know is there will be a training for 10 days in fixing the computers. 

Saycon and the whistleblower, however, did not present any evidence.

Civil society leader Pastor “Boy” Saycon, secretary-general of the Council for Philippine Affairs and 3 witnesses in the Senate. Image credit to GMA Network

Civil society leader Pastor “Boy” Saycon, secretary-general of the Council for Philippine Affairs and 3 witnesses in the Senate. Image credit to GMA Network
Meanwhile, Atty. Glenn Chong one of the many victim of such fraudulence who is doing his best to uncover and stop the syndicate and to stop them from corrupting the future is questioning on the credibility of witnesses since they haven't presented any proof and even though Chong is wanting to meet them in person, he wasn't able to have a chance with. 

Chong wants to verify if the whistleblowers statements are true, and found out through investigation that what they are saying matches with the fraud last election on computer system hacking in collaboration with syndicates in Comelec and Smartmatic. 

Therefore, those involved in the alleged election fraud involving Vice President Leni Robredo and LP Senatorial candidate who top the number 1 spot as Senator Franklin Drilon, hired computer experts to manipulate massive cheating last May 2016 elections?

Image credit to Facebook/Glenn Chong

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Nagcirculate muli ngayon ang video ng 4 na testigo na lumantad sa isang press conference sa Senado matapos ang halalan noong 2016. Ayon sa kanila gumamit sila ng mga pekeng VCMs at mga laptops sa kanilang cheating operation sa Quezon Province noong 2016 elections.

Pinilit kong makausap sana sila ng personal pero hindi na natuloy. Kaya minabuti naming i-check o i-verify kung may bahid ba ng katotohanan ang kanilang mga sinasabi.

Dahil hindi napabulaanan ng riding in tandem (Comelec + Smartmatic) ang 459 presinto na nagpapadala na ng resulta isang araw bago ang halalan, may bahid ng katotohanan ang sinabi ng mga ito na gumamit sila ng mga pekeng VCMs.

Sinuri namin ang mga canvassing systems (CCS) laptops na opisyal na itinalaga ng Comelec sa Quezon Province. Bawat bayan at siyudad ay may opisyal na nakatalaga na 1 CCS laptop para sa canvassing ng mga resulta.

May 39 bayan at 2 siyudad sa Quezon Province kung kaya dapat ay 41 CCS laptops lamang ang itinalaga rito. Pero ayon sa transmission data mula sa Quezon Province, umabot sa 49 slots ang naka-assign dito o sumobra ng 8 slots. Ang 8 sobrang slots na ito ay bakante at hindi makikita sa transmission data. Dahil bakante, maaring gamitin ito bilang slots para sa mga pekeng canvassing systems (CCS) laptops.

Nang pumutok ang isyu ng 459 early transmission, sinuri muli namin ang transmission data at ibinangga ito sa ibang election servers. Dito namin nalaman na ang panghuling opisyal na transmission code na ginamit sa halalan ay Trans_Code 9315 mula sa overseas absentee voting posts.

Pero bakit may mga nakatalang transmission codes sa election server na lagpas na sa last official transmission code na Trans_Code 9315?

Ang mga ito ay 9701, 9702, 9703, 9704, 9705 at 9706.

Ito ay mga pekeng transmission codes na nagtatransmit mula May 8 hanggang May 10. Halos lahat ng mga transmissions ng resulta mula sa mga pekeng transmission codes na ito ay papunta sa Trans_Code 9701 at 9702. Aktibo ang mga transmission codes na ito noong May 8, isang araw bago ang halalan, hanggang magdagmag ng May 9, bago magsimula ang botohan.

Samakatuwid, ang mga pekeng transmission codes na ito ang siyang ginamit ng mga pekeng VCMs upang makapagtransmit ng pekeng resulta papunta sa 8 bakanteng canvassing systems (CCS) slots na nakalaan para sa dayaan.

Dito sa 8 bakanteng canvassing systems slots na may pekeng laptop ipa-park muna ang mga pekeng resulta. Pagdating sa araw ng halalan, ang mga pekeng resultang ito ang ipapasa sa mga lehitimong VCMs. Ang mga pekeng resulta na ang magpapanggap bilang lehitimong resulta (fake results overide genuine results). Pasok na ang dayaan. Wala ng kwenta ang boto ng bayan."


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