Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bituin Escalante: ‘I was the 16M, but I love my country more than the president.”

Singer Bituin Escalante and President Rodrigo Duterte. Image combined credit to ABS-CBN 
Singer Bituin Escalante is being vocal on her Twitter account withdrawing support to President Rodrigo Duterte that garnered over 6,000 likes since she posted her tweet. 

Bituin Escalante. Image credit to ABS-CBN

Bituin Escalante. Image credit to ABS-CBN
Escalante who was among the 16-million Filipinos who voted for Duterte admits she withdrawn her support since she heard of EJK and the Supreme Court's ruling on the late former President Ferdinand Marcos’ burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).

Her tweet reads as, 

“I WAS the 16M but I love my country more than the president.” 

Image screenshot grabbed from Twitter@gobituin

Not only Escalante who seems to show her disappointment to Duterte but to a GMA head writer as well. Suzette Doctolero who also tool social media expressing her dismay over President Duterte's rape joke. 

Doctolero is also one of supporters of Duterte, but dismay on the issue and has written on her Facebook her dismay to the president. 

Suzette Severo Doctolero / Photo credit to the owner
Image credit to DailyPedia
Meanwhile, replying on Escalante's tweet was a netizen named Carol (@Carol Del Rosario) who replied to Escalante telling she was impressed of Escalante to speaking against Duterte since she was a former supporter and was dismay of the EJK issues and certain relevant issues such as rising of food and products nowadays.

Image screenshot grabbed from Twitter@gobituin

Escalante replied to Carol (@Carol Del Rosario) saying, “I did so out of a misplaced anger,” Escalante said. “But I’m rather thick skinned so I have no reluctance putting this out there. I cannot speak for the rest though. The backlash is awful.”

Image screenshot grabbed from Twitter@gobituin

Another netizen asked Escalante, Raquel (@gabb_lah) saying why speak now, after a long time this issue is happening. 

“Not that long,” Escalante said. “very early on. After the first spate of EJKs. And then this.”

Image screenshot grabbed from Twitter@gobituin

Image credit to ABS-CBN

The recent survey of Pulse Asia on it's September 2018 approval and trust-rating to President Rodrigo Duterte does not give much affection on the double-digit drop. Duterte is working hard to focus on the needs of the Filipinos, sadly there are just people who keeps on pulling down the Duterte government and now 'Red October' plot is hitting the news.


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Source: Inquirer