Sunday, September 16, 2018

Corruption must stop: Duterte to create new body to monitor government goods, services procurement

President Rodrigo Duterte arrives in Cagayan on Sunday, September 16, after Typhoon Ompong / photo from Agri Sec.  Manny Piñol's Facebook page

Manila, Philippines – Because of his extreme intent to stop the “insanity of corruption” in the system of government, President Rodrigo Duterte is planning to create a new body that will monitor the government’s procurement of goods and services.

He said that he would assign five skilled persons to this new group that will handle “checks and balances” on purchases made by government agencies.

“I will create a body (to monitor) procurement…this will be a, not really a superbody, just tawagin ko lang ‘yan checks and balances. Lahat ng purchases ng gobyerno [I’ll call it checks and balances on all government purchases],” the chief executive said during a situation briefing on the aftermath of typhoon Ompong in Cagayan.

President Duterte maintained that closely monitoring all government purchases would help eliminate ghost deliveries and misuse of Special Allotment Release Orders (SAROs).

“The insanity of corruption must really stop,” he said.

“Malaman ko kung may nabayad, dumating ba o hindi para wala ng ghost deliveries, walang imbento ng mga SARO-SARO, wala na lahat. There has to be a system [I will know all the government purchases, whether or not it was paid and delivered so there will be no more ghost deliveries, invention of SAROs, nothing],” the president added

He cited that he was only waiting for the retirement of some people from the service to take on the job and said he preferred military men because they know how to follow orders.

“I think if I can just assemble five simple men who are adept to accounting and of course audit is very important we can survive,” he said.