Sunday, September 23, 2018

Manila Standard columnist angry at "yellows" historical vandalism: 'People with dubious achievements printed on our money, monuments'

Manila Standard columnist Rod Kapunan / photo from his Facebook profile

Manila Standard columnist, Rod Kapunan was clearly angry on how the “Yellow” oppositions allegedly “vandalized” the country’s history.

On a Facebook post, the columnist believes that putting up monuments, printing their faces on the Philippine money without the approval of the National Commission, was a scheme for the people to remember them, even they don’t accomplish anything.

“These animals did that to ensure that people of dubious achievements are remembered by force of mental conditioning long after they have been consumed by fire in hell.” Kapunan said.

He further cited different instances “historical panlalapastangan” of so-called yellows.

Rod Kapunan’s full Facebook post reads:

The yellow animals truly vandalized our history. They put up monuments of their choice, printed the faces of their chosen heroes on our money, and named places in their honor without the approval of the National Commission.

These animals did that to ensure that people of dubious achievements are remembered by force of mental conditioning long after they have been consumed by fire in hell.

The scheme of these yellow animals is for us to remember their money making legacy through monuments, money, places, etc. even after we have long vomited them for accomplishing nothing. Their nauseating legacy is for the people they have been fooling to the hilt to idolize their set of heroes through monuments, money, streets, markers, airports, parts, etc.

Let us cite instances of the historical "panlalapastangan" of these American oriented cayotes. In our money there are faces of people printed on our money bills. People wonder just who they are or why is that that bum politician is there with his wife, or a socialite who founded the girl's scout placed alongside with real heroes? We have plenty of senators who achieved more for this country, why Diokno alone? Is it because he is a rabid fan of that American installed puppet? The same can be said of a general. Is it because he bears the same surname of the mayor then lording it over Manila? Why a comedian who loves to make toilet jokes and treated young women like his underwear?

The same can be said of that actor. Is it because they have been grooming the overtly ambitious daughter who insists she was adopted, and was allegedly cheated by the lady they once supported? One mayor who entertained the notion of owning Quezon City even named a street in honor of his wife whose only accomplishment is to play monkey by mimicking Cory? 

Do you know that there is even a public school named honor of one who wanted to assassinate the President of this country? Is it because he is the son of an oligarch accused by Digong of not paying the P1.5 billion they borrowed from DBP?

Everywhere one goes there a monument, a park, an airport and a street named in honor of this bum. What has this son-of-gun accomplished?

This historical vandalism committed by the yellow animals should be erased. We have to remove them or put instead people we know for accomplishing something extraordinary for our country, and not a not-so-ideal husbands and wife as if to do their last tango at the sacred ground at the Luneta.

Screen-capped image of Rod Kapunan's Facebook post

Source: Rod Kapunan