Tuesday, September 18, 2018

UP Engineering dean retracts her involvement with campus militant against PRRD

UP Engineering Dean Rizalinda De Leon and President Rodrigo Duterte
Dean of the University of the Philippines College of Engineering, Rizalinda De Leon, unjustified her participation in the “Engineer the Downfall of the Tyrant and Dictator Duterte!” event, claiming that it was only an “editing misunderstanding” with the Uprise organization.

Pledge of Support

This was after a “Pledge of Support” letter was uploaded by the Uprise organization which got the attention of the netizens.
The event is said to be dedicated to “remember the struggle of the Filipino people to fight for democracy, peace and justice.” In the letter, she invited the entire Engineering community to join the protest against the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Editing Misunderstanding

The initiative was exposed online. Shortly after, the dean released a statement “clarifying” that it was only an “editing misunderstanding” with the Uprise team.

The letter wrote:

“We, as one Engineering community must take upon the challenge to defend our human rights and civil liberties and join the Filipino people under the banner “Engineer the Downfall of the Tyrant and Dictator Duterte!”

The post bears her name and signature.

Retracting Her Involvement

Later on, she posted on Facebook, retracting her involvement in the propaganda:

“While I believe that the engineering community must take upon itself the challenge to defend human rights and civil liberties, and that we ought to speak out against any system of tyranny and dictatorship whether current or future, I do not and will not instigate the downfall of any person or leader, including Pres. Duterte.”

Iskolar Ng Bayan

Uprise is a small organization by the University of the Philippines that “defends the human rights and civil liberties” by promoting the downfall of the Philippine President.

The uploader, Euler Rules, published the statement and revealed the classified propaganda by the “Iskolar ng Bayan” against the president last September 15, 2018.