Thursday, November 8, 2018

MMA Star Brandon Vera Lauds Duterte’s Hard Stance Against Countries That Abuse OFWs

Brandon Vera and President Rodrigo Duterte
Mixed Martial Arts champion and actor Brandon Vera praised president Duterte for being instrumental in the acquittal and the return of Jennifer Dalquez, who was put on Death Row in UAE after killing her employer who tried to rape her.

Brandon “The Truth” Vera

Brandon Vera is a Filipino American mixed martial artist. He was one of the elite fighters in the UFC, and he was proud of his Filipino heritage. In fact, he has a tattoo of the native “Alibata” alphabet in his arms. He recently decided to reside in the Philippines and fight in the Asian MMA scene. He is currently the One Championship heavyweight champion.
Brandon Vera, photo from his FB page
Despite being born in the US, Brandon was always a Filipino at heart, and he never fails to speak his heart whenever he feels the need to do so. In one of his posts in his Facebook page, he praised President Duterte for his hard stance against countries where OFWs were known to be abused and maltreated.

Vera also liked the way the president handles the case of Filipina Jennifer Dalquez, who was sentenced to die by the UAE court for killing her employer, but the OFW maintained that she acted out of self-defense since her employer tried to rape her.

“My Duty To Protect My People”

The president was furious over the case of the OFW, and he warned the UAE that he will pull out all the Filipinos working there if they decide to execute Dalquez.

“If you execute her, I will pull out every Filipino in your country. Everyone needs to be protected. It is my duty to protect them all.” These were the words of president Duterte to the UAE government.

The Department of Foreign Affairs, together with the Philippine Embassy in UAE, worked hard to provide legal assistance and move for her acquittal. Fortunately, Dalquez was acquitted of the murder charges in 2017, but needs to serve her sentence for theft until October 25 of this year.

Shoulder To Cry On

Jennifer Dalquez was finally freed and was able to return to the country last week. She was given a chance to meet the president last November 6 in Malacanang in a tearful and joyous meeting. She was thankful to the president for bringing her home as she cried on his shoulders during her visit in the palace.

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This is how a leader leads for his people!!!! Maraming Salamat po President Duterte. #unity 
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If you execute her, I will pull out every Filipino in your country. Everyone needs to be protected. It is my duty to protect them all.

The words of President Duterte to the UAE government after they had put Jennifer Dalquez on death row; Dalquez has since been released 💜

Source: Brandon Vera