Friday, November 2, 2018

Netizen to anti-Duterte: Attacking Duterte is also attacking the Filipino people

Jovybev Aquino, a social media personality and avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, reached out the Filipino people, specifically those who are against President Duterte and his administration. In a post he made in Facebook, Aquino talked about how he also once had a change of heart and that having his eyes open to the realities of the world made him believe in President Duterte.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Cosmo

The Elites

Aquino says that he was once very privileged and that had the mindset of an elite. But when he worked abroad and became an overseas Filipino worker, he was exposed to the realities that there are people who work very hard but do not get what they deserve, like the poor being unable to eat, or the youth being addicted to shabu.

He said that when he saw all these unfortunate things happening, he said that he felt like President Duterte and his vision for the country fit his beliefs on improving the state of life of the poor in the country.
Jovybev Aquino / Photo from his Facebook account

Language of the people

Aquino said that he felt like President Duterte "spoke the language of the people" and "empowered the masses".

He says that it is President Duterte that can fix these problems that the country is facing, and that people should trust him. Aquino says that people who do not believe in President Duterte are only "blinded by status".

Aquino adds that the when people attack Duterte and his administration, they are attacking the Filipino people as well.

"If you can manage to let this go and take a long deep look around you, you will realize that by attacking this administration, you are also attacking the Filipino and the very essence of who we are as a people," Aquino said.

Read his full post here:

"Dear yellows and anti Duterte peeps,

We know that you have been looking at the past 3 years with disdain. We know that even if this administration managed to pave the streets with gold, you'd still find something wrong, just like you've found something wrong with just about everything. But, that's ok, I understand where you are coming from because I was there before. I was in a place just like where you are right now. A place where I felt entitled to privilege, a place where I knew inequality existed but as long as it did not affect me it was ok. A place where I thought that if you were not in the upper echelons of society that you shouldn't have a voice. Believe me, it was a very sad, dark place to be.
Anti Duterte rally / Photo from CNN Philippines

It all changed when I decided to work overseas and became an OFW. I was exposed to real people with real life concerns. They were not those superficial problems of the elite, like their horse has a cold or the boat they bought was not as fast as they thought it would go, or how depressed they were cuz they couldn't master their golf swing. I suddenly saw a life that I had been sheltered from. People would tell me about their kids being addicted to shabu and how horrifying it was for everyone around them. People would tell me about how their loved ones were left dying on a stretcher because they did not have the money to pay for medical services. They would tell me how their small ancestral plot of land was strong armed from them by influential families. I saw the hardship, i felt the pain and I finally was stabbed in the heart by the inequality of my society. A society I was once proud to be a part of.

It didn't happen overnight, but my views slowly changed and when it did, I saw that I was living in a fantasy world shielded from the harsh realities of life. I saw that we were governed by ruthless, selfish individuals who decided our fate based on what benefitted them the most.

Then came this man, who spoke the language of the people, a language that the elite despised. He empowered the masses to speak against the once untouchable oligarchy. He was brave enough to go against the elephants in the room, which was drugs, corruption and criminality. He also stood up against media which was the tool of the rich to keep us in stupor.

I ask you now to listen to your hearts, you are not all bad people, you are just blinded by your social status. If you can manage to let this go and take a long deep look around you, you will realize that by attacking this administration, you are also attacking the Filipino and the very essence of who we are as a people.

In a nutshell, he is the people's champion because he is us and you hate him because he is not you."