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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Donald Trump is the "Hope of America", says open letter to mainstream media

President Donald Trump is the "Hope Candidate" says a blog site.

An anonymous open letter in the website Angry Patriot Movement stated that the main reason why the U.S. president is being depicted as an antagonist in media, is because the latter has been "duped" or heavily influenced by Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama.

Donald Trump is the "Hope of America", says open letter
President Donald Trump, photo from TIME

The writer of the post said that even Fox News, a credible and established news agency, has become biased against Trump.

He said that even though Obama tried to change America, being the first black President, there is no change in America.

"Trump has put a platform out there everyone disenfranchised before Obama now believes. He is telling angry Americans a politician will finally have their backs. He is telling LEGAL Hispanics he will protect their jobs. He is telling Black America there will finally be jobs for you so you can support your family."

The post read that Trump is offering a new outlook and a new attitude which is a benefit from Trump's background which is being an outsider to the political process.

Most of Trump's policies in his platform were contradicting that of Obama's.

For one, Trump has offered his support to the "One China" policy. Unlike Obama who denounces use of nuclear weapons, Trump said he would be open to Japan and South Korea building nuclear arsenals.

Trump also opted to dismantle Obama's deal with Iran, to prevent Islamic Republic from attaining nuclear weapons. He also wanted to scrap Obama's health platforms. He also promised to cut taxes, adding that American businesses need only pay 15 percent tax instead of the present 35.

The US president said that he will build a wall, literally, on the Mexican border to prevent immigrants from entering the US and promised to deport 11 million unauthorized immigrants.

Trump cancelled the US' participation in the Paris climate agreement, calling global warming a "hoax invented by China", and "a big scam for a lot of people to make a lot of money". Presented with scientific evidence, he said, "I'm still open-minded. Nobody knows".

To date, the US President who lost by 2.9 million in popular vote persists in his goal to reinvent US politics, with his supporters backing him up.

Source: Angry Patriot Movement