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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Prominent blogger Sass Sasot confronts BBC Reporter after BBC allegedly gave access to Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog

Sass Roganda Sasot of For the Motherland blog goes head to head with A British Broadcasting Corp. Southeast Asia correspondent, Monday afternoon.

This was after the respected prominent blogger found out that the BBC has allegedly given access to Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blogan anti-Duterte and pro-Liberal Party blog site.

The said confrontation took place at the International Media Center in Pasay City where reporters, both local and foreign, were out to cover the ASEAN Summit.

Sasot was infuriated by the fact that the ‘minor blogger’ who also happens to be a Duterte critiqueJover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blogwas given the platform on the international media network.

According to a report, the two came across each other when the the BBC reporter approached the Assistant Secretary of Communications Margaux ‘Mocha’ Uson to greet her, who was with Sasot at that time.

Sasot asked Jonathan of BBC, “Tell me, Mr. Jonathan, how is it possible that Jover Laurio, a very minor blogger in the Philippines, was featured by the BBC in order to defend herself against the people who outed her identity, but not someone like me whose social media following is way, way higher than her, whose Facebook engagement is way, way higher than her, and who you have even interacted on Facebook?”.

“I know that in order for you to be interviewed by a big platform like BBC, you should have been given access. It’s either that you were really, really famous, that you are a decision-maker of a country, you are a celebrity, and you’re gonna be given this platform. But Jover Laurio is none of that. The only link to that is that she is being protected, sponsored, financed probably by the Liberal Party of the Philippines,” Sasot added.

As Head, the BBC reporter, would rather continue the conversation with Sasot elsewhere, he said “We can have this conversation for a very long time. Can we find time over where we actually can engage and talk together?”.

As they ask for each other’s availability, they have found out that both of them don't have much time to spare since Sasot is going to Davao on Tuesday, while Head will be in Manila until Wednesday.

Returning to their conversation about Laurio, Sasot said Pinoy Ako Blog “was slandering and libeling people along the way, especially those who are critical of the Vice President of the Philippines”.

“And the BBC and the international media do not care about this anger. All you care about is whether is the president has a paid troll network or not. And you have insulted not just me but millions of followers and supporters of the president.”, she added.

Sass continued asking the latter and said, “Do you know that a lot of overseas Filipino workers are doing everything in order to combat the lies being peddled by mainstream media, including Rappler, Inquirer, ABS-CBN?”.

“And I know that international media is only getting its feed from these people because they have power, resources, and connections to do this. You know, a lot of people are insulted that you are only covering one side of the story.”, said Sasot. Head replied “That’s not true. We have covered many sides”.

She also said that the media (unclear if she was referring to BBC) compromised her safety for publishing her address.

Albeit the tension, in which Sasot burst into tears at one point, the two ended on a polite note.

Head said “It’s nice to talk to you while she was quick to reply “Yeah, nice to talk to you”.

Source: Interaksyon and Inquirer