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Monday, February 12, 2018

Columnist, inihayag ang mga rason kung bakit dapat ideklara ni Pres. Duterte ang Revolutionary Government

President Rodrigo Duterte and The RevGov, photo from
Ipinahayag ng beteranong kolumnista na si Jose Alejandrino ang ilan sa mga dahilan kung bakit kailangan ng Pangulo na ipahayag ang isang Revolutionary Government dahil sa walang humpay na pag-atake ng mga kritiko ni Pres. Duterte mula sa lahat ng larangan.

Ipinahiwatig rin ni Jose Alejandrino na dapat umasa si Pangulong Duterte sa kanyang orihinal na DDS at ng mga Pilipino dahil hindi siya maaaring umasa sa mga politiko.

Ang pagbibigay ng rebolusyonaryong kapangyarihan kay Pangulong Duterte sa tulong ng sambayanang Pilipino ay magsisilbing isang pag-iingat sa kaligtasan laban sa destabilization na gagawin ng mga kalaban at ang RevGov ang sagot dahil ito ang tanging paraan upang tapusin ang mga bagay na walang kapararakan.

Ang dating Army Major, si Sir Abe Purugganan, isa sa personalidad na nagtutulak para sa RevGov, ay ang nagbahagi ng pahayag ni Jose Alejandrino habang hinimok din niya si Pres. Duterte na mag-withdraw mula sa ICC sa pahayag ng Pangulo ng RevGov.

Narito ang kabuuang pahayag ni Jose Alejandrino:


By Jose Alejandrino

President Rodrigo Duterte is being hemmed from three sides. On one side from George Soros and EU liberals. On another side from Loida Lewis and US liberals of the Democratic Party. On a third side, from Opposition liberals and leftists at home. All of them want Duterte out and Leni Robredo as president.

Duterte can only rely on his original DDS and the people. He cannot count on the politicians because they look first after their own interest. They blow where the wind blows. If they feel Duterte risks seriously being toppled, they will begin making overtures to Robredo. That is the reality of Philippine politics. It is for this reason that much earlier on after he won the presidency I said the way to raise his popularity with the people is through achievements. From winning 39 percent of the electoral votes he has succeeded in raising his popularity to over 80 percent thanks to his achievements. It is also the reason why I urged the people to grant him rev powers as a safety precaution against the destabilization I foresaw his enemies would create. Everything I had predicted, thank the Lord, had come to pass and the president is now armed with powers he can use to declare, when push comes to shove, a revolutionary government. I had written that sooner or later this would be the only way to end once and for all the nonsense.

Duterte is facing formidable opponents from liberals abroad both in Europe and in America. They have the organization, the connections and the financial resources. The Opposition here are just hired hands or puppets whom they manipulate. Without backing from abroad, the local Opposition can easily be handled. The trick is to break the foreign and local connections. Just like in the war on illegal drugs when you break the apparatus at home, the druglords abroad find themselves isolated. When the destabilizers here are neutralized, Soros, Lewis et al won't be able to function.

The president has the means to break the connection. He has rev powers. It is only a matter of applying them.

Source: Jose Alejandrino via Abe Purugganan