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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Drugs and Terrorism, the untold Link written by a UK political commentator

Adam Garrie and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo from Jerminix
Adam Garrie, UK political commentator, wrote an article that links the connection of drugs and terrorism in the most over looked way possible. In his article, he states that Libyan Revolutionary Leader Muammar Gaddafi already warned us in 2011 about terrorists were on drugs, thus making them commit acts of terror without cognitive intervention, but he was befooled by western media and shortly after then and assassinated.

A couple of years later, trends rose that proves Gaddafi to be right in his claims. Drugs have been the source of courage and funding of terrorist organizations.  A substance that warps young men into fearless war machines all in order to get their hands on more of the drug. The desire to have more is due to drug addiction and terrorist groups knew exactly how to play this with their own recruitment. In addition to recruitment, there is also the drug trade that is one of the main sources of funding of most terrorist organizations. Case and point would be Pablo Escobar’s resistance and acts of terror, where his funds to start his war came from his drug empire’s mountains of profits.

Garrie successfully linked the three sins of terrorism, alcohol, prostitution and “recreational drugs”, where all three are prohibited in Islam. So we can state that terrorism is a geopolitical problem and not a religious one.

The commentator then introduced the drugs that most terrorists use. Cocaine, “a second favorite among today’s killers” and Captagon, “The 21st century terrorist’s drug of choice is a pill called Captagon whose effects while similar to cocaine, are even more extreme, making its users capable of super-human violence while totally erasing what remains of a human conscience.”

The drug Captagon was found among Daesh and al-Qaeda fighters in Libya, Iraq and Syria, as well as the western countries that are affected by terrorism, France and Italy.

Garrie states that President Rodrigo Duterte’s move to wage war against drugs was a smart move. It crippled terrorism and kept the communities around safe. Terrorist and criminal network have been brought down quite significantly. Links in the Philippines exist even with the recent terrorism in Marawi. Fallen members of the Maute group have been found possessing or being under the influence of Shabu, South East Asia’s Methamphetamine that rules the market.

Then the UK commentator cited the incident of last year’s slaughter in England’s London Bridge, where the terrorist apparently was on steroids. Then there is Stephen Paddock’s mass shooting , one of the largest in US history, was also due to the influence of narcotics. It just stands to prove that it isn’t just the Islamic terrorists who are using drugs, but basically anyone on drugs can create acts of inhumanity.

Garrie then claimed that there were history between the CIA and terrorist organization on the grounds where the CIA profits on the narcotics trade. Yet this doesn’t mean that we should give up for powerful symbols like Duterte are against it and he himself intends to stop it.

Duterte saved lives of an uncountable amount of innocent people, despite having blood shed during the drug war, those who perished were either good or bad, lowly drug users and profiteers or heroic police. And Garrie states that it would be no surprise if the “neo-imperialist forces” that killed Gaddafi is now attempting to imprison Duterte, for he has knowledge about the link between drugs and terrorism. Where the CIA has their hands dirty in drug trade and the US has been supporting terrorism for the past 7 years to showcase their countries pride, military manufacturing, technology and development.

Lastly, the political commentator praised the Filipino President for bravely standing against the local evils of gangs and terrorist groups and their western backers. Garrie ended his article stating that,

“Anyone who opposes terrorism, should stand with President Duterte, for it is only he who understands its most fundamental root cause.”

Source: eurasiafuture.com