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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Educator and doctor lectures student protesters to go to school and not waste their education

Educator and doctor lectures student protesters to go to school and not waste their education
Dr. Andrea Carigma
Doctor Andrea Carigma tells off the activist students through her Facebook post to return to school and go back to studying. Carigma regrets the days where they could’ve learned in school it was such a shameful waste of opportunity and there are other people that could’ve yet lack the finances to go to school and they still choose to senselessly miss class.

Carigma then recaps the government allocation of budget for the education stating that education has been allocated the largest portion this year.

On an excerpt from CNN Philippines which talks about the youth being in “growing discontent and rage” due to still “skyrocketing” fees, the doctor replied “Juicecolored” (buzzword for “diyos ko lord”) for she feels unbearable regret for such huge expenditures on education and still all the activist students do is miss class and rally, which may become and every day thing.

The doctor ended her post by stating that their decision to not go to class isn’t our loss and no one is scared about it. At the end of the day, it’s still the loss of the activists.

You can refer to Andrea Carigma’s full post below:

PINABABALIK LANG KAYO SA SCHOOL PARA MAG-ARAL. Sayang naman ang mga araw na sana may natututunan kayo sa eskwelahan. Kung ano ang inyong tinatamasa, ay hanggang pangarap lang ng iba. Maraming naiinggit sa kung anong meron kayo. Magandang edukasyon. Nakakapanghinayang na madalas kayong absent sa klase.
“Growing discontent” at Rage” ba kamo sa skyrocketing school fees?
Let’s check kung ano bang allocation ng government sa education:
2015 - P367.1 billion pesos (previous admin)
2016 - P433.3 billion pesos (previous admin)
2017 - P567.5 billion pesos
2018 - P549.5-billion pesos
And mind you, yan na yung isa sa pinakamalaki sa budget for the year.
Ano pa ba ang gusto ninyo?
"Duterte can only shake at the growing resistance to his attacks on the youth. Duterte's knee-jerk reaction only proves that the youth has successfully registered their indignation against his anti-people policies and increasing fascist inclination," Elago said in a strongly-worded statement.
She warned of bigger protests to come on the "National Day of Walkout" set by student activists on February 23.”
Elago pointed out despite the law, there are still "skyrocketing" school fees, which cause "growing discontent and rage among the youth."
This statement was echoed by UP left-leaning student organization The Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND UP), which organized the February 1 UP walkout Duterte had called out in his speech.
"If there is anyone who needs to give up his slot, it is none but Rodrigo Duterte himself," STAND UP said on Facebook.
Ngayon naiintindihan ko kung bakit naiinis (at natatawa) ang mga mamamayan sa inyo - check the FB reactions and comments to Anakbayan and Kabataan rallies featured in news articles.
Nakakapanghinayang yung ginagastusan ang education nang ganito kalaki tapos kayo naman sa kalsada nagrarally. At balak nyo pa gawin araw araw.
Hindi namin kawalan ang hindi nyo pagpasok. Huwag nyong gamitin yan na panakot. Education nyo yan. Kayo lang ang nawawalan sa pag-absent.

Source: Andrea Carigma