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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Marcos Diaries: This proves that Ferdinand Marcos was a blogger during his days

Photo credit: Google and Facebook
A Facebook Netizen named Yesu Ben posted his insight in the involvement of the United States on the impeachment of former president Ferdinand Marcos. The aforementioned meddler of Philippine politics planned crafty ways of eliminating Marcos at that time for he could not be controlled as a puppet, an enigma towards the US as Yesu Ben would consider. And to impress us all, the US didn’t skimp down on their tricks, they even tried using mata hari just to gather information on the former president, Yesu Ben stated in his post.

And yet it was Marcos book that helped the US decide whether to pull their “support” for the former president or not. And sadly the Executive Secretary of Defense ended up betraying his own country for Uncle Sam. The devil who took advantage of the Defense Secretary Zoe Vidal’s ambitions.

Yesu Ben ended his post stating that it was a stroke of luck that Marcos kept a diary for himself in which “he tagged his Executive Secretary quite often”.

You can view Yesu Ben’s Full post below:

The US crafted plans for ousting Marcos because he began showing signs of independent thinking and was veering away from puppet dictatorship, not quite fitting their mold. FM became an enigma as he was defining dictatorship in his own terms, and they used all the tricks in the book (mata hari included) to get into what the Macoy was up to. The turning point, some say, was his 1974 book "The Democratic Revolution in the Philippines". That book gave Uncle Sam serious reasons to reconsider support for FM. Eventually they did end up organizing the RAM, exploiting the ambitions of the Secretary of Defense, Enrile. (Zoe Vidal)

PS: Fortunately, Marcos did keep a diary - yup, he was a blogger for himself - in his own hand, and he "tagged" his Executive Secretary quite often.”

Source: Yesu Ben