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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Money vs Morals: Duterte stands up against all odds to keep the dignity of the Philippines

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All things in this world come with a price tag, every service comes with an equivalent, and every act of help has an underlying motive.  Adam Garrie, a political analyst in UK elaborates that President Rodrigo Duterte will never head to be treated like a colony by a colonist, he wants mutual exchange, for the country to be able to have bilateral transactions from the strengths of transacting countries in order to cover for the areas that they fall short in. To give the Philippines a multipolar reality where we are treated with respect as equals.

In the article written by Garrie, he brings up Duterte’s rejection of the invitation by the European Union to visit, a simple rejection that takes Duterte’s away from the toxicity of the insults of neo-liberal EU leaders. Then Duterte cancelled the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ purchase of Canadian helicopters after the Canadians pondered if it was a wise thing to sell the Philippines helicopters.

“So this is my reaction. I want to tell the armed forces to cut the deal … and somehow we will look for another supplier. We respect the stand of Canada.

So from here on now, I am directing the armed forces of the Philippines, since most of the guns, bullets and whatever, weapons of war … invariably to be used against the rebels and the terrorists, do not buy any more from Canada. Or from the United States, because there is always a condition attached,” Duterte replied to Canada’s doubts.

The president hates this attached condition that western countries add to their business agreements with developing nations. Garrie previously wrote to support the President,

“Duterte has shied away from purchasing weapons from the US in particular, because he has repeatedly stated that there is always a political condition attached to such deals. By contrast, Duterte has welcomed security deals with China and Russia which do not make deals with political strings attached. This is of course the same Canadian government which recently admitted that weapons it sold to Saudi Arabia are likely being used in Riyadh’s brutal war on Yemen.

In October of 2017, A Russian Naval Flotilla docked in Manila harbour bearing a good will gift of free security weapons for the armed forces of Philippines. Among the weapons Russia gifted to Philippines were 5000 AK-74M Kalashnikov assault rifles, 20 armoured military vehicles and 1 million rounds of ammunition.

Duterte has frequently praised Russia and China for their positive stance regarding the security situation in Philippines which has in recent years seen the Daesh aligned Maute group occupy the Mindanao city Marawi before its penultimate liberation by the armed forces in October of 2017. Additionally, Philippines continues to battle armed al-Qaeda linked Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters as well as far-left guerrilla groups.

Canada’s loss will be a win-win gain for Philippines and a new security partner – quite possibly Russia or China”

Then another disgusting tactic by the EU, their usage of economic strength to lever its position on the government policies of the Philippines, an act that Duterte despises.  The president stood for his people and refused to submit to such a backdoor method of colonizing the Philippines. Duterte then replied to the dirty tactics of the westerners by stating,

“These whites, they’re crazy. The problem here, this Europe now and these Americans, they want to impose their values on our race. Europe wanted to give financial assistance with a condition.

I said, ‘You go to hell, I don’t need your money. Do not talk to me about values and anything”.

Tarnished by racist traditions of giving money in order to have developing countries to submit to their colonizer’s policies, government, legislation and social morality, western countries pose nothing but a long term threat to developing countries. But not even their poisoned milk and honey could fool our president for he seeks a better future for the Filipinos, one with dignity.

With the current great ties among the ASEAN and with China and Russia, Duterte has showed that we will not fall for another trap of the western racists. The Philippines will only pursue mutually beneficial exchanges with the aforementioned countries and some respectful Arab nations.

Duterte, despite all controversy is a man that knows how to read the countries cards to a better future. A future that lies ahead of those who look down at the Philippines. For we are economically developing faster than that of the European Union.