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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Position of the PH in the world corruption rankings drops in 2017

Photo credit: CNN Philippines
From a previous score of 35 out of 100, ranking 101 out of 176 countries in 2016 to a score of 34 out of 100, ranking 111th out of 180 countries surveyed by the Corruption Perception Index (CPI), the Philippines indeed showed that both the government and life in the Philippines has been improving.

For clarity’s sake, the CPI scales 0 as highly corrupt and 100 as incredibly clean.

The report stated that countries like the Maldives, India and the Philippines, "… score high for corruption and have fewer press freedoms and higher numbers of journalist deaths."

Yet a majority of all the countries scored below 50.

The lowest countries with the lowest scores and by extension highly corrupt are Syria (14), South Sudan (12) and Somalia (9), meanwhile the highest one being New Zealand (89).
The CPI is from an independent global organization called Transparency International (TI), inaugurated in 1993, uses perceived public sector corruption from experts and business men to rank countries.

On an analysis of TI stated that,

"We found evidence to suggest that those countries that respect press freedom, encourage open dialogue, and allow for full participation of CSOs (civil society organizations) in the public arena tend to be more successful at controlling corruption." 

TI stated that attempts to battle corruption need to speed up and that a journalist is killed every week in a low CPI country.

Source: cnnphilippines.com