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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Why am I a loyal supporter of President Duterte? My reasons will surely amaze you

President Duterte Supporters, photo from Facebook
Years ago, even the word describing alleged blind and deaf alliance to the present president comes into existence – I am already a dutertard!

Since by the looks of it, the word metamorphosed into the description of a Filipino who wish for law and orderliness in his or her mother land. Dutertard; A word which came from Duterte from the name of Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Who during his tenure as the mayor of Davao city put order to the city that was previously known as one of chaos! But He instilled on its citizenry and public officials alike the discipline and willingness to follow rules of law and add commitment to their duties -that in due time gained for Davao city and its populace the admiration of the majority of their compatriots - if not by citizens of neighboring countries- that they had today.

Thus it became the norms that the majority of Filipinos want to be imposed on him and to others, particularly on their public officials.

Ok now define a dutertard

A citizen who want his government officials and its workers as partners aiming for the common good of the people instead of lording over the populace, instead of managing the lives of their constituents by the palakasan system that was so prevalent in our society, a dutertard is a citizen who want his government officials doing their duties NOT with the proverbial red tape -lagayan padulas and palusutan- system, BUT with professional and personal commitment to do the job entrusted to them.


Because of the scant job opportunities here in the Philippines by that time – early 90s- I have joined the diaspora of pinoys who seek the proverbial greener pastures away from home- even though I happened to find it on the deserts of Saudi Arabia, it sufficed for me because it was the status qou by that time for somebody just equipped with technical skills anyway.

Saudi boy. pabalik balik sa abroad. And more so you wear the flattering badge being one of the alleged bagong bayani! OCW pa noon now it is OFWs.

Being an OFW entails choices to survive their lives abroad. Financial survival is foremost but for some, they take on physical survival thus they delve on sports of their passion. pssst some of them had chosen emotional survival thus elicit relationship among co- OFWs abound. For me it was community service. I happened to join this and that community based organizations that’s why I have some moments of meetings and co coordinating with persons with such fancy titles and otherwise.. asst labor attaché asst to the assistant of etc. atbp.

It was then that I was exposed to workings of people from government agencies tasked on taking care of the OFWs concern. Generally, some of them were nice and accommodating except on some instances that needs personal commitment to their duties. Problems of labor and management disputes were the main concern of labor offices abroad. But I had known cases of an employee employer disputes that was resolved in favor of employers or companies albeit workers were the aggrieved ones! Then some problems arise because of power struggles among government personnel themselves too – which results to the disadvantage of the OFWs.

That is, Consul A wanted to render assistance but Labor Attaché B does not want to offend the company’s manager because of some consideration that was brokered by welfare assistant C!

Thus in some instances workers with problems such as non repatriation seeks community based organizations for assistance. That there are also cases of disputes between community organizations abroad in relation with government personnel. Also there were certain organizations that were looked –down-upon as oppositions.

They who have the guts to expose anomalies and demand reckoning and them- the proverbial sipsip who choose to remain silent of what was wrong in exchange of some considerations and concession!

Majority of OFWs left their families during their children’s formative age that the child were raised by surrogate parents that oftentimes their growing up lacks the typical training to ensure proper behavior. And add into it the influence and situations of their surrounding-, put them together spells disaster for the child and disaster for the family!

Not to mention the obvious laxity of past governments in combatting crimes and lawlessness. That without the Filipinos knowing it, corruption caused by the drug trade had infected every veins of the Philippine society- that from the lowly barangay tanod up to the Justices of the land were highly and/or directly involved on the main cause of the problem of our society- proliferation of illegal drugs.

Read: students died in hazing, young co ed being raped and mutilated, young boys using drugs and properties being stolen. These possibilities were giving nightmares to the OFWs during those times that I was abroad.

Thus it is not un common for Overseas Filipino Workers coming home in haste because their child had died sometimes accidentally oftentimes tragically from the hands of irresponsible persons high on drugs or the children themselves becoming addicts and all lawlessness that thrive years back. Years before a Duterte comes into the national political landscape!

Admittedly, those things that the other presidential parties hurled on Duterte during the campaign period gave me some mis givings on casting my vote for him. What if it is true? that he have really done this and that? BUT is there any choice? Besides His battle cry and campaign promises fits my ideology of what should a government leadership must be?

Sway ed for keeps;

The eve of the election gave me the commitment to vote for the man. It was when I happened to glance in a tv newscast that shows the man -the one they pictured as the executioner crying like a long lost child on the grave of his mom. seems saying-promising to the long withered womb that bore him: AAyusin ko ito Ina pangako!