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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Younger sister of Miriam Santiago: 'I shall never forget what Robredo did to my sister'

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Paula Defensor Knack, the younger sister of late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago and a lawyer based in the Hague recently fired shots at Vice President Leni Robredo, accusing her and her late husband Jesse Robredo of betraying Miriam.

Knack said that she would gladly go on a debate with Robredo if President Rodrigo Duterte would allow it, and if it will be shown on worldwide TV.

She said she is not afraid as she was trained by her siblings and as she has judged in the world's most prestigious debates in international criminal law and public international law at the Hague.

"I SHALL NEVER FORGET what they did. I saw my sister very disappointed," Knack said.

Knack said that in 1991, when Jesse was still a young mayor, he agreed to join Santiago and Knack in the Movers and Peoples Reform.

Robredo was to head the regional organization, and he and Leni asked that his name be put in the party's list of officers.

However, she said Robredo quit weeks later to join Fidel Ramos who later on cheated in the elections.

Knack said she will ask Robredo why shed and her late husband betrayed Santiago.

"Why didn't you convince your husband to stay with Sen. Miriam and help reform the country since he already gave his word?" she said.

"Define reform. Define betray. Dafine LOVE for the country," she added.

The late former Senator Miriam Santiago was known to be a supporter of President Duterte.

It can also be recalled that Knack defended Duterte against the mainstream media who she said was spreading false information.

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