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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Foreign Political Analyst relays his birthday message and admiration for Duterte’s ingenuity

Photo screenshot of President Rodrigo Duterte and Adam Garrie from Daily Storya Facebook video post
In the video that Daily Istorya uploaded on Facebook, Adam Garrie a geo-political analyst of the United Kingdom and the director of parlays his message and birthday greetings to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Garrie was clearly astounded by the Philippines, primarily due to Duterte’s efforts to change and improve the country in ways deemed impossible by previous presidents and other entities around the world. He stated that Duterte’s excellence is due to his “tough law and order” that brings back legitimate power to the hands of the people through establishing a safe and productive country for all.

The analyst states that despite all those opposed against Duterte’s unconventional way of governing the country, the president still proves critics wrong and gets the job done.

“Many thought it couldn’t be done at a national level but Duterte as he have in almost every instance, he’s proved the critics wrong, he’s getting the job done in spite of what the US congress says, what some idiot in the UN says, what the stupid EU union says, he’s doing what he needs to do and what his people wants to do.” Garrie stated.

The foreigner slammed those who contradicted Duterte’s administration by stating that it isn’t democratic by giving the very definition of democracy that the Philippine president, without a doubt, fulfills.

“The definition of democracy is with when you serve the people when you do the will of the people.”

And then pointed out that Duterte’s ratings in the Philippines makes him more popular than President Donald Trump of the United States of America and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.

Build, Build, Build.
Garrie first and foremost revealed that the “build, build, build” program is Duterte’s most ingenious yet, which may possibly exceed former President Ferdinand Marcos’ success if completed. This project would provide the Philippines with the infrastructure it needs to bare fruitful jobs that will bring more and more investments to the country, thus improving the lives of the people for quite possibly centuries to come.

As the analyst stated,

“Because once you build something, you can build upon that. And Duterte is laying that important foundation.” 

War on Drugs

One of Duterte’s most important campaigns for it focuses on the health and safety of his people, but also the economic future of the country. Garrie pointed out a true fact,

“ one wants to invest in a place where crazy people are running around on drugs”
This is due to the overlooked fact that investors would almost always choose a country that is stable, free from the clutches of narco-politicians and business men and riddles of corruption. They would rather choose to invest in Singapore, which would never be a turn-of-the century country if it weren’t for Lee Kuan Yu, who changed everything about what we know of Singapore today.

Now due to Duterte’s efforts, Garrie can confidently claim that,

“Duterte, in this sense, is like the Lee Kuan Yu of the Philippines.”

Multipolar Approach

Duterte has stopped relying on the colonialistic west and focused on creating multiple new partnerships and made closer ties with countries like Russia, China, Malaysia, India and beyond. He made the foundations for new markets of the Philippines that eventually will bring security and prosperity to the country.

Tax and future reforms
Duterte through the RA No. 10963, more commonly known as the "Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion law (TRAIN Law), has made the taxing in the Philippines fairer, it exempted those who earn lower than 250,000 while increasing the costs of luxury goods like cigarettes, alcohol and the obesity causing sugar.

Eventually Duterte plans on reforming the government system to both give more power to the people and make it fairer for all. This is through transforming our current presidential form of government to a more people-empowering federal system or even a parliamentary system. A reform that Garrie has full faith in Duterte will perfume correctly.

The Birthday Message

Lastly, Garrie’s birthday message to Duterte goes as,

“…keep on doing everything you’re doing speak for the people as you always done, your sincerity is unquestionable, no one can doubt your sincerity so please have many more healthy and productive years for yourself and your country you’re the best.”
Source: Daily Istorya FB page