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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Former diplomat Rigoberto Tiglao unveils the very first big fake news of the Yellows

Rigoberto Tiglao and the big fake news of the Yellows, photo compiled from Google
But that was not the only consequence of the Yellows’ massive “fake news” over the fictional Jabidah massacre back during the time of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Columnist Rigoberto Tiglao discussed the depth of the Yellows’ fake news which unfurled a series of consequences that proved detrimental to the growth and power of the Philippines.

Marcos had schemed back then to take back Sabah from Malaysia which the Philippines since then and up to this day have legitimate claims over the land based on international law.

In Tiglao’s column, he explained that Marcos planned Operation Merdeka where “Muslim Tausug recruits were to be trained by the military to infiltrate Sabah and foment there an uprising among their ethnic group against the Malaysian government. The uprising would be the excuse for the Philippine military to invade Sabah and claim it as part of Philippine territory.”

It seemed, at that time, the most viable plan for the Philippines to reclaim the resource-rich territory, however, the Aquinos ratted out Marcos to Malaysia and prompted the Jabidah massacre hoax that had supposedly killed 11 to 68 people.

The massacre was hotly discussed at that time that Marcos knew it would be an unpopular move to pursue his plans of reclaiming Sabah.

The Jabidah massacre hoax also prompted Moro groups in Mindanao to rouse their anger and recruit more members who would harbor enough ire against Marcos.
This was also the same fictional fabric of Philippine history that catalyzed the youth to join rallies and even the New People’s Army in the belief that MArcos had gone on a killing spree and “if the Philippines’ game-plan was to foment revolution against Malaysia among Muslims in Sabah, our neighbor’s was to foment revolution in Mindanao against the Marcos regime.”

After the expose of the Aquinos, Sabah’s first Chief Minister Tun Mustafa harbored so much hatred against Marcos that he had organized 90 batches of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) to undergo rigorous military training.

Due to the rising commotion from the Moro groups, it spurred the widespread insurgency issue that the country continues to confront until today.

Tiglao emphasized that the lack of found bodies and documentation shows further proof of the merely fictional massacre.

“The sole alleged witness of the “massacre,” Jibin Arula, evaded going back to his Suluhome province, and settled in Antique. The MNLF and the MILF never took him under their protection, and official documents of the two organizations have never asserted the ‘massacre’ occurred,” Tiglao explained.