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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Global Specialist explains why elites have less concern on drug problem in PH

Global Elite Group logo and Drug operations in PH, photo compiled from Google
The world today is obviously concerned with illegal drugs, a common recreation that can make people do inhumane acts that are clearly violations of human rights. Yet the focus is apparently showered on the issue of Russian Olympians under the influence of these “performance enhancing drugs” when in reality the true problem lies with the connection of drugs with drug-fueled terrorism and drug related crime.

Adam Garrie of Eurasia Future, stood up and asked why is,

“…the US and its allies on the International Olympic Committee and World Anti-Doping Agency have worked for years to discredit Russian athletes based on allegations of using so-called ‘performance enhancing drugs’”
Adam Garrie, photo from Critical Studies
A benign scandal that won’t harm anyone but the aristocratic viewer’s source of entertainment compared to the human-rights-violating terrorist that are a threat throughout the world.

May it be in Libya, Iraq or Libya, illegal drug and it’s correlation to terrorism is indeed a malignant threat that has to be eliminated. But instead of eliminating both threats, the US has been known to fund terrorist wars and furthermore the CIA has current allegations of being involved in international narcotics trades.

But the intensity of this problem is as Garrie states nothing compared to how drugs have affected lives of the Filipinos. In reality, the wars are isolated in small towns or desolate fields, but in the Philippines entire towns and cities used to be a drug dens.

“By contrast, the drug epidemic in The Philippines has turned ordinary people into violent monsters, turned entire parts of towns and cities into crime infested danger zones, has given rise to heavily armed criminals in the lucrative black narcotics trade and has helped to fund terrorist insurgencies in the country,” said Garrie.

What’s worst is that the drugs that the terrorists are taking here are Cocaine, “the second favorite among today’s killer” and Shabu, the Daesh-aligned Maute groups go-to drug when fighting the soldiers of the Philippines.

Today only President Rodrigo Duterte, a contemporary leader that goes against majority in order to get rid of this drug problem and all its conduits once and for all.

The president is now saving lives, by launching his war against drugs, it is now safe to walk the streets without wondering if a drug-frenzied bystander would kill you. And yet despite his efforts of making the Philippines a safer country for all,

“…the US, EU and other allies including Australia have criticised Duterte for supposedly violating the human rights of the kinds of mafioso bandits, dangerous individuals and social liabilities who violate the human rights of everyone else on a daily basis,” Garrie pointed out.

It is true that a lot of criminals and drug-addicted personalities are either rehabilitating or incarcerated, and in some extreme cases are killed due their senseless will to shot the PNP down and escape, but if we look forward, past all the violence that these drug-related personalities bring, we can see a better future and safer for the community and by extension the country.