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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ninoy and the dark truth behind the Aquinos as revealed by Jose Alejandrino

Jose Alejandrino and Ninoy Aquino, photo compiled from Google
There exists a quote, “history is always written by the victors”, such a saying that should leave us with questions on the accurateness of our history books, but for most cases, we tend to stick to the history that the masses accept. And this is the history that most believe in is warped and twisted; this is why the complete truth has never been truly revealed.

Ninoy Aquino

Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., a modern day national hero and martyr to the Filipino people is technically false.  He did not die from the hands of the Marcos’s and there has been proof by our helpful western assistants. Yet other facts about Ninoy are still the same, he is still a part of the Liberal Party with close ties to communist groups, specifically the Hukbalahap (Huks), but proof of his communistic beliefs has never been confirmed. His brother Butz Aquino is the President of the Socialist Party of the Philipines (PSP) and he was the source of Ninoy’s socialistic belief.

Jose Alejandrino’s revelation

Jose Alejandrino, a close friend of Butz despite being in contact with the CIA, has been invited to weekly meetings with his titos who are apparently two of the highest ranking Huk leaders at the time, Casto and Jess Lava. The PSP and Huks wanted to have the United States bases in the Philippines banished for the US would always interfere with Philippine internal affairs. Eventually, Clark became wrecked due to the explosion of Mt. Pinatubo and the judicial battle field was moved to the issue of the renewal of the lease on Subic, in which the opposition was spearheaded by Butz .

Alejandrino not only revealed the links between Ninoy the socialists and the communists but also the truth behind his assassination.

The Truth behind Ninoy’s Return

Ninoy’s been labeled a “commie” by the CIA and his return to the Philippines that made him such a modern hero  was due to his terminated fellowship in Harvard University. This termination was because of the report that the FBI submitted to the Governor of Massachusetts at the time, Michael Dukakis, who later forwarded it to Harvard. In the report it has been proven that Ninoy was organizing communist cells in Boston.

The Dark Truth: "Let sleeping dogs lie"

It was no other than a meddling foreign assistant, the CIA that confirmed that it wasn’t the Marcos’s who got Ninoy assassinated, but rather the outcome of the Aquino-Cojuanco family dispute between Ninoy Aquino and Danding Cojuanco. What’s worse from this claimed revelation that twists history is the fact that Cory Aquino was asked to verify the claim she responded by stating, "Let sleeping dogs lie", a verification of the CIA’s findings, a statement that makes her liable for the falsity of modern Filipino History.

Aquino’s Disgusting Exploitation
In a political perspective, not clearing out the Marcos’s name at the time where the people hated them was a good decision for those Aquino’s future political careers, it would’ve given them a clear advantage in the elections, being the children of a martyr and a remnant of the person the people loved. They were basically exploiting the false legacy of their father. Other than in politics, the exploitation was also fruitful in keeping their infamous Hacienda Luisita safe. Evidence of this would be found in the cases of Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona whom both were strategically removed from their positions after threatening the safety of their dear Hacienda.


Today, the ties of the Aquinos, Liberal Party and the communists are stronger as ever. With new player on the side of their opposition, President Rodrigo Duterte, and their past foe’s the Marcos’s making a comeback in the Philippine politics, the Aquinos would stop at nothing to get their greed sated. Slowly trying to weaken the current administration’s hold on the people by opposing the martial law in Mindanao which caused delays in securing the safety of the citizens in Mindanao and by having their politicians publicly praise Joma Sison and his communistic ideals which is outright propaganda against our democratic country.

“So much politics, so many economic interests, so much hypocrisy, so much distortion of our history, so much hatred, that our country remains divided as before.”

 -A quote from Jose Alejandrino

Source: Hidden Truth PH FB page