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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sara Duterte warns Alvarez that he’s ‘messed with the wrong girl’

Davao City Mayor, Sara Duterte and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, photo from SunStar
It all started with House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez lambasted the Davao City Mayor, Sara Duterte, for labelling her as part of the opposition after she formed her own regional political party apart from her father, President Rodrigo Duterte’s PDP-Laban.

Through social media posts, Sara called out the House Speaker and said that he has “messed with the wrong girl.”

Alvarez was quick to concede to their feud, but Sara was surprised anew.

"Di ba surrender na ka? (I thought you had backed down?)" Sara said.

"Ngano pagmata lagi nako karong buntag, ikaw pa man gihapon ang Speaker? Hawa na dinha! (But when I woke up today, why are you still the House Speaker? Step down!),” she added.

During the 19th Women Summit in Davao City , Sara conjectured that Alvarez readily released those insults because she is a woman.

"Gi-easy-easy ko niya because feeling nako kay tungod kay babae ko (he treats me poorly because I am a woman)," she said.

Sara felt that perhaps if she had been a man, Alvarez would have thought twice before insulting her.
"Sa tan-aw nako, kung lalaki ko, magduha-duha siguro siya ug atraka (if only I am a man, he would think twice before criticizing me)," Sara said.

On account of her father’s comments on shooting female rebels in their genitals, Sara explained that Rodrigo’s language is different off stage than when he is on stage.

"Pero dili na siya ana pag wala na ang mic (he is not like that when he doesn't have the microphone)," she explained.

The President had been instrumental in the passage of Women’s Code in Davao City dating back to 1997.

Sara even joked that her father could not act without having a woman beside him.

She further assured that the President remains respectful to her and her mother.