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Thursday, March 15, 2018

These #NeverForget legacies of Marcos made him the greatest leader at his time

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Today is a time where the phrase “Never Forget” is misused by the youth and social media, butwriter and researcher Micel Coleen Buencamino faces all controversy and criticism to prove that point.

Buencamino defines how the trending social media hashtag is now used by stating that,

"#NeverForget is a clever piece of advertising, a commodity - sold by oligarchs and pseudo-analysts and communists down to concert organizers, t-shirt designers and social-media 'experts' who love to encapsulate history by way of making memes."

But now valiantly redefines this misinterpreted trending social media hashtag as a commemoration to the futuristic yet misunderstood and demonized former President Ferdinand Marcos.

What you shouldn’t forget that

The 7,883 presidential degrees and legal issuances, that Marcos articulated and crafted, which are laws that define the late president’s finesse and wisdom.

The massive number of infrastructure projects, roads, bridges and irrigation facilities that Marcos spearheaded in the first four years of his term, which is undisputedly the highest number of infrastructure projects that any other Philippine President has headed to date.

Marcos’ pioneering of specialized hospitals and institutions like the Lung Center of the Philippines, the Philippine Heart Center and the National Kidney and Transplant Institute.
The cultural and heritage sites that are now tourist sites. Namely, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Folk Arts Theater, Philippine International Convention Center and the Makiling Center for the Arts (formerly known as the National Arts Center).

His despicably genius effort to decrease the dependence on imported crude oil, due to the 1973 global oil crisis, by the harnessing the Philippines local sources of energy. This effort completed 20 power plants.

Marcos’ political and social platform “rice and roads”, during the time where the Philippines was facing chronic rice shortages, lead the Philippines to finally be the ones exporting rice in 1978.

Never forget that Marcos’ successors threw his efforts to cheapen electricity for the masses. What the successors sadly privatized the energy industry, which lead to the monopoly of the industry to a selected number of oligarchic families. An effort that gave the Philippines a position in the list of Asian countries with the most expensive power rates.

Never forget that in 20 years Marcos only spent P486.42 billion of accumulated budgets in contrast to the succeeding presidents that spent P35 trillion in accumulated budgets in a span of 31 years.

But most importantly NeverForget the unparalleled legacy that Marcos so selflessly created, the accomplishments that all succeeding presidents including both Aquino presidents failed to equal or at least come near to.


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