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Friday, April 6, 2018

Aquino’s spin doctor spills the beans, admits Noynoy and Roxas incompetence

Mar Roxas and former President Beningo Aquino III, photo from Inquirer News -
It was the height of the Kidapawan Farmers’ Massacre which spurred comments and protests from social media to real life movements, the citizens’ call was united in a single battle-cry: Bigas hindi bala.

On March 30, 2016, around 500 farmers gathered around the National Food Authority (NFA) office in Kidapawan to demand their food aid after suffering drought and loss of crops with little to no government assistance.

Instead of being handed out with food rations, the poor farmers received bloodbath in return as the Philippine National Police(PNP) fired at them at some point during the protest.

The controversy boded ill for President Beningo Aquino III that time and his spin doctors were on the move to save the face of the yellow administration, however, it had only backfired as one of their spin doctors only ended up admitting the yellow government’s incompetence.

He goes by the Facebook name “Mikael De Lara Co”, but his full name is Jan Mikael De Lara Co, a known spin doctor of Malacañang and the Senior Presidential Speechwriter and Assistant Executive Secretary at the Office of the President during Aquino’s time, and Mar Roxas’ official speechwriter when he was still a senator.

In defending the government’s stance on the Kidapawan Massacre, Co enumerates seven points that Thinking Pinoy (TP) blog singlehandedly dismissed in its own counter-analysis.

Co brings up that the Department of Agriculture (DA) had been continuously giving out aids in the form of cloud-seeding and drought-resistant crops.

“Maraming natulungang farmers at talagang maling sabihin na "walang tinulong" at hinayaan lang sila,” Co said in his Facebook post.

However, TP cited several news sites that published stories on the cloud seeding operations in Mindanao and it revealed that the El Niño had brought around P90 million worth of crop damage in October 2015 and cloud seeding did not start until January 26, 2016 and was even suspended by March 2 of the same year.

While the government did provide measly means to address crop production issues, TP emphasized that none of these efforts involved the basic and primary concern of the farmers who protested on NFA’s doors that time.

They had sought for food.

Co brings up the contention that food aid is part and parcel of local government units’ (LGU) responsibility to call and seek for help.

“The way I understand it, choke point seems to be at LGU level. NFA is the steward of rice it can't just release. LGUs and even DSWD must transact with NFA. Sa LGU side, ang basa ko, if no appropriated funds for this, answer is calamity fund. Which needs state of calamity to be tapped. Which needs local bureaucracy green light,” Co said.

While North Cotobato was placed under a state of calamity, it wasn’t until January 22, 2016 which was four months after El Niño had caused around P238 million worth of crop damage, which had logically left many farmers starving and struggling for food.

Additionally, there were no publicities or news circulated about any food aid distributed during the time the state of calamity was declared in North Cotobato. If anything, residents of some severely hit North Cotobato towns were already migrating in search for ways to feed their family.

Co had reasoned that North Cotobato Governor Mendoza was and would only be concerned with the issues of her own constituents, and during the protest there were farmers coming from towns not under Mendoza’s responsibility.

However, TP argued that humanity should have superseded bureaucracy, and if there were farmers hungrily protesting under the scorching heat for their basic physiological need, the LGU should have immediately acted upon it instead of playing the blame game.

In the case of police deployment, Co surmised that armed police force were summoned due to a possible imminent threat, hinting perhaps to armed protesters.

But TP reasoned that the protest had been circulating on the news since the first day it started and not a single mention of an armed unit was brought up. And if the farmers had to take up arms or retaliate, it should make sense since they have been hungry for months and yet all the response they received from the government was police force and sheer ignorance.

Co had reason to believe that the New People’s Army (NPA) may have had a hand in orchestrating the whole rally since the movement coincided with the NPA’s special dates, but instead of looking at it as farmers being bribed to join a protest, TP argued that had the government only been keen on helping their constituents there would have been no need for them to take to the streets.

But Co’s most unbelievable defense was also his yellow administration’s downfall.

“Alam ko: The best answer here is, "Ganito ang kulang, gets namin kayo, next week meron na" kung ganoong kadali lang, di ba? Hindi e. Ganito nag-evolve ang government, dahil sa history natin -- cumbersome, ang daming checks and balances, na-oobscure na ang intention na tumulong dahil sa buhol-buhol na shit ng burukrasya, dahil ang daming nagnakaw dati. Hindi siya parang, as you say, Globe na may call center tapos madaling magdemand na, "Sagutin mo ang concern ko now na."

Siguro dapat minsan sa buhay ng lahat ng tao makaramdam silang magtrabaho sa gobyerno, para magets nang solid ito. Pero may nagta-try, sa kabila ng lahat, sa kabila ng open hostility from some quarters, sa kabila ng agenda na ang strategic objective naman talaga e itumba ang lahat ng ito para mag-install ng isang world order na feel nila okey. Sa huli, tama ang natutuhan ko diyan sa Katipunan:Padayon lang,” Co posted.

The statement reeks of privilege, of a perspective wrought in being well-sustained and well-provided. Co had blamed the seemingly innate inefficiency of the government as the reason why citizens should not expect immediate or best results.

For TP, he is glad Co had incriminated himself and the yellows with his statement.

“It’s clear to me that it’s time to end this “cumbersome” government. Considering that Mar Roxas is Co's boss, it's safe to say that "the cumbersome bureacracy" will again be their alibi next time a crisis hits our country. Just like Mar's excuse for the botched Yolanda rehab. Just like Mar's excuse for the MRT mess. Just like Mar's excuse for the non-passage of Freedom of Information,” TP retaliated.