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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Atenean grieve upon the PH stagnation after EDSA 1, now relieved due to Duterte

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A graduate of Ateneo, one of the oldest universities in the Philippines recalls the events after EDSA 1 and contrasts it to the present.

The Atenean stated that the most memorable thing that happened when EDSA 1 was takng place was that there were no classes for a week due to Cory Aquino’s “bloodless revolution.”

The whole nation joined forces to oust Marcos yet justice wasn’t brought to the remnants of his administration. Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel V. Ramoz who were at the time the Defense Minister and Police Constabulary chief at the time, evaded justice.

And with the abolition of Marcos’ administration came the abolition of the discipline of the Philippines. Crime rates sky-rocketed, and penalties for such crimes were not enough to stop one from committing to it. The last person who suffered the death penalty existed back in the time after EDSA 1, this makes people more confident to murder each other, do drugs on the streets, rape, pillage and assault whoever without extreme consequences.

But with Rodrigo Roa Duterte coming into power, everything changed.

Before Duterte, we had the same local officials, moving from one party to the other. We had presidents like Ramos who sold Fort Bonifacio in order to modernize the military, but it never happened, Erap Estrada who was impeached due to his involvement in the Jose Pidal fiasco, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who was ever so infamous due to the “Hello Garci” scandal and the NBN ZTE deal, and lastly Benigno Aquino III who lived in the shadow of “martyrdom” of his parents which brought nothing but trouble to the Philippines.
The disentes have been detracting Duterte by claiming that the Extra Judicial Killings were his fault, using mainstream media to sway the Filipinos. Yet these killings were a common thing before, during Aquino’s time, multiple “salvages” were occurring around the country and no one batted an eye. I wonder why though?

And all these disentes who are criticizing Duterte did nothing during the previous administrations, they stood still and watched the Philippines burn and be abused by multiple corrupt officials like themselves.

In the end, the Atenean explicitly stated that,

“And no, I'm not a die hard Duterte supporter, I only support those actions that he takes that makes me feel safer, makes me feel that my family is safer.”