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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Duterte to foreign critics: “I decide who enters and leaves”

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, photo from MSN.com
In light of the arrest of the Australian nun Sister Patricia Fox, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has made it clear that foreigners that would only want to bring down the government are not invited. And they will be arrested if they infiltrate the country.

Fox has been in the Philippines for 26 years due to her work with indigenous people yet recently, she rallied with the leftist organizations and was arrested under orders of the Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente soon after.

There is no legalities surrounding Fox’s case, investigations with regards to her valid missionary visa is still on going. If proven otherwise, she will be deported but for now she’s considered as a “properly documented alien.”

Duterte on the other hand was angered by the fact that foreign entities are again disrupting the sovereignty of the Philippines through the leftist organzations, for there is no need for meddlers in the politics of the country. He stated that,

"Kayong mga left, do not ever, ever try to invite. I will not allow them in this country."

The Philippine President then made the consequences clear and the proper conduct that these foreigners must withhold in the country with regards to their issue on human rights.
"And if they decide to enter surreptitiously, they will be arrested. But if you come here, just deliver your piece about human rights in the proper way." Duterte stated.

Duterte set the line between the right of these foreigners and his power. With all intention to protect the independence and sanctity of the Philippines, he stated

"Beginning today, I will decide who gets in, who gets out. You want to question that, you go to court and I will follow. But until then, you do not mess up with the sovereignty of this country."

The president of the Philippines has the power to black list threats to the national government may it

Source: gmanetwork.com