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Thursday, April 26, 2018

It was De Lima who issued order of ban on foreigners engaging in activism in PH

Former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima, photo from Google
Contrary to the claims of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s critics, bashers and opposition, it was the law that the Liberal Party member and former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima issued back in 2015 that bans the foreign activists in the Philippines and NOT the President’s so called “desire to silence criticism“.

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque repeatedly pointed out that Operations Order no. SBM-2015-025 of July 2015 that specifically states,

Foreign tourists in the Philippine are enjoined to observe the limitation on the exercise of their political rights during their stay in the Philippines. Foreign tourists are prohibited from engaging in any political activity as defined by law and jurisprudence, such as but not limited to, joining, supporting, contributing or involving themselves in whatever manner in any rally, assembly or gathering, whether for or against the government.

Yet it seems that the affected party would rather keep their ears shut from the Roque’s reiteration and eyes blinded from the actual law. Communists and the Philippine Opposition, the Liberal Party, alike are still protesting against the actions of the government in “silencing them” when in reality it is clearly the law, the judiciary side and not the legislative government that’s bringing them down.
It is incredibly shameful to protest without getting the facts straight but what can we do when most of the protests facts have been twisted and manipulated to support the cause of the Opposition and communists alike.

A copy of Operations Order no. SBM-2015-025 that was downloaded from the Bureau of Immigration can be viewed below.