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Monday, April 9, 2018

Lawyer to Trillanes: sapakan na tayo boy, andami mong balak gawin na puro katarantaduhan

Senator Antonio Trillanes, photo from SunStar
A lawyer named Atty. Ahmed G. Paglinawan was so incredibly furious towards Senator Antonio Trillanes and all the shenanigans that he’s been up to in order to grab publicities that Paglinawan started challenging the ridiculed senator, on Facebook, into activities that will prove to Trillanes that he is but a waste of tax money as a senator.

In his first post the lawyer challenged Trillanes into an old-fashioned street fight. Paglinawan assured Trillanes that the “Sapakan for Fun” fundraiser would cover for his hospitalization. Why? Well Trillanes has been up to nothing lately, just baseless claims and stupid activities based on what the lawyer stated. In Paglinawan’s perspective, Trillanes has just been playing with the law by abiding to it and making such illogical or baseless claims. A deliberate clown that, if in the right mind, does these stunts for publicities stakes only.

In his second post you’ll really feel the heat for, Paglinawan directly curses at Trillanes and invite him to get injected with the Dengvaxia vaccine together, otherwise he’ll get beaten up. He then reminds Trillanes not to be a coward for the injection would sarcastically feel like a mosquito bite.
Atty. Ahmed G. Paglinawan
Rage, fury and frustration has probably possessed the kind spirit of the lawyer who has completely had enough of the bullshit that Trillanes has been bringing about in the most respected legislative section of the government. As a lawyer, Paglinawan probably felt regret after the Senatorial position was given up to someone as incompetent as Trillanes.

You can view Ahmed Paglinawan’s full Facebook posts below:
First post:

“Trillanes, sapakan na tayo boy.
Andami mong balak gawin na puro katarantaduhan.
Dito ka muna sa Sapakan for Fun fundraiser for your hospitalization.
Bilisan mo.”

Second post:

“Trillanes, putangina ka. Halika sabay tayong magpaturok ng Dengvaxia.
Kung ayaw mo magulpi, yan na lang.
Parang kagat lang ng lamok yan.
Wag kang duwag ser.”

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