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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Philippines GET REAL! The Aquinos are NOT HEROES BUT TRAITORS

500 peso bill, photo from
We name our airports, roads, bridges and parks to the Aquinos, we have their face in our currency and we have their monuments and yellow ribbons everywhere, but have you asked yourself yet? Have we all been cluelessly manipulated by this family? Have we been helping their tyrannical political dynasty? Have we brought damnation to the nation?

The Aquinos have been vilifying and demonizing other families and parties in order to cover up for themselves, to cover up for the corruption, damnation and manipulation that they have joyfully bestowed upon the Philippines.

They have been leaving words that cannot be forgotten, iconic quotes that have brought “meaning” to the lives of the Filipinos yet words that are meant to sway people away from thinking that they are also evil.

First Case of Manipulation

“The Filipino is worth dying for.”

We all know who left this iconic statement that changed the entity of the Philippines, it gave a powerful boost to one’s nationalism but in reality, the quote was directed by and for Ninoy Aquino’s political fantasies. Interpreting it to a variation of the truth that will leave you with,

“My political fantasies are worth dying for.”
Second Case of Manipulation

“The Filipino is worth fighting for.”

Cory Aquino’s quote that uses the shadow of her husband’s most iconic words, a quote that more accurately describes what she is willing to do for her Aquino-Cojuanco family’s Hacienda Luisita. To kill everyone who tries to take the Hacienda away from them. An unexpected truth behind this “saint”.

Third Case of Manipulation

“The Filipino is worth fighting for.”
Nonoy Aquino’s version now, when commanded the troops of the Special Armed Forces 44 to their deaths in order to prove to the world that he deserves to be given recognition in upholding peace. A quote that we can translate as “My Nobel Peace Prize is worth leaving the SAF 44 out to die for.”

This is the faces that the Filipinos put on their 500-peso bills, the faces of manipulative traitors that make sure that their actions are recognized as sacrificial when in reality is superficial and selfish.

And still people follow in their footsteps, blinded by the “goodness” of these bloody traitors, believing that the same family who gave up Sabah to Malaysia, an island of Borneo that is historically and rightfully a part of the Philippines. A place that could’ve boosted the economy of the Philippines due to the oil that it holds.

Ninoy Aquino, the man who did not grant the SAF44 the honor that their corpses deserve after fighting to the death under the worthless command of the same said man.

The Aquinos are immune to incarceration, due to the power and influence that they hold on the people and the country, but the Filipinos can at least have a little justice by defacing them from their currency.

In conclusion, the Aquino’s political dynasty has to stop. They have abused the Filipinos in ways unimaginable and unthinkable, in ways that the Filipinos barely noticed. They are more of a malignant tumor of the country than the catalyst to peace and anti-corruption movement that they claim.