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Monday, April 30, 2018

Robredo has to be cheating after the impossible outcome of her votes exceeded the voters in Camarines Sur after PET revisions

Vice President Leni Robredo, photo from
With the ever so malignant issue on cheating in the 2016 Elections and the treasure cove of evidences that’s being uncovered by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), the tensions between the camps of former Senator Bongbong Marcos and the “Vice President” Leni Robredo has been at its all time high after the discovery of the Robredo’s votes exceeding the number of votes cast and the revisors of Robredo’s camp desire to include the votes of the excess ballots that were shaded for Robredo in the official recount.

This is severely flawed logic here, the fact that Robredo had more votes than the number of voters is already disturbing and yet her camp still wants to include excess ballots that was preshaded for Robredo?

Thene there is news from a PET insider that states that the election result’s vote count does not match the physical vote couVnt in Camarines Sur.

The insider stated the nature of the camp of Marcos’ complain,

"The revisors of Marcos of course opposed the moves because they are excess ballots or stray ballots.  The fact that these ballots were shaded for Robredo and are proof of pre-shading is bad enough, but for the revisors of Robredo to claim the shaded ballots in her favor, is really preposterous.

It was a bit too much and good thing the Head Revisors of the PET came between the two parties of revisors and had them settle the differences in the election returns and the physical count.

"They were told (by Head Revisors) that they have to reconcile the figures that are different. This is highly irregular and disturbing because revisors are not supposed to reconcile the figures but to find out if the results in the ER match the physical count," the insider stated.
The issue with Undervotes and Overvotes

There was also a case of undervotes and overvotes, where the former signifies that a voter failed to vote anyone in that position while the latter signifies the fact that the voter voted too many for that position.

But the Head Revisors made it clear that these votes should not be included for based on the insider,

"This is unacceptable because all the entries in the ballots and ballot boxes with respect to the VP election protest should be reported and put on record.”

The issue with the missing voter’s receipts

Out of all the towns in Camarines Sur, Bula and Balatan have the most clustered precints with missing voter’s receipts. 97 percents of the precints in Bula and 68 percent of the precints in Balatan had missing voter’s receipts which raised suspicion since the Minutes of Voting (MoV) affirmed that the Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) have printed and deposited all receipts;.
The insider commented this,

"So what happened to the receipts? How come in these two towns, most had no voters' receipts. This is highly suspicious."

Highly suspicious indeed for the there voter’s receipt’s tally may not coincide with the election results’

The insider questioned further by sstating,

"The MoVs in all the ballot boxes specifically stated that the receipts were included in the boxes. How come almost all of them don't have it? Is it because they will not match the votes cast?"
The issue on chemically-compromised wet ballots

Last but not the least is the issue with these wet ballots which have been discovered to been compromised with chemicals that powderized it at first touch. This is apparently the case in all the towns of Camarines Sur.

The only reasoning that Atty. Romulo Macalintal, the lawyer of Robredo’s camp, gave was that a storm hit Camaries Sur last December yet Marcos’ countered with the fact that the ballots should be, at most, dry since it’s been four months since that date.

Other than that, the boxes were designed to be water and weather-proof since it was made of plastic.

So why is Robredo still so desperate in claiming that the elections was clean? Is this some kind of self-affirmation that will probably change the course of the unveiled truth through hacking her mind into thinking that if she thinks it’s a clean elections, then whether it aint, it will be?

Preposterous indeed, all of it!