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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The entitled disente and their loathing against simple Filipinos

Photo credit: GRPundit
The disente people are those who are privileged at birth, with all the riches that they have inherited and in some cases, covet. They are self-entitled people who only care about themselves, their riches and how they look. Basically they are the aristocrats with oligarchic backers who assumes that they have every right to rule over a democratic country like the Philippines.

To name a few of these disentes in the government, we have Mar Roxas, Risa Honntiveros, Winnie Monsode, Leni Robredo, Leila de Lima and many others.

These disentes discriminate the Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for being “unpresidential”, “bombastic” and his inability to speak well in English.

Discriminating as it may be, Duterte has proven that these “problems” that the disente has are nothing but a nuisance. For unlike the disentes who are preoccupied with looking good for the country, Duterte focuses on actually bring good to the country. Something that none of these disentes can ever rise up to.

You got to give it to Duterte, despite being discriminated by the opposition, the United Nations, foreign ambassadors and media, he still only focuses on the wellness of his people and the development of his country.

It is actually pretty condescending, what the disentes are stating, it isn’t just Duterte who has broken English and acts outrageously, there are also other simple Filipinos like that. You can consider this as mass discrimination if you wanted to. Is there really a problem with someone who embraces their local dialect over a colonizer’s?
It is saddening to actually see these disentes helping the masses, who are somewhat alike to Duterte, for their own reputation’s self-elevation, for their own self-righteousness, to help others, not by the goodness of their heart but in order to feel good. A complete publicity stunt that is done by the disentes and other politicians alike.

Duterte doesn’t talk, he doesn’t indulge himself with compliments, he acts, he works, he commits to his people and to his promises and he apologizes if he has done wrong.  He is a man of humility and selflessness and yet all he gets from these disentes is the disrespect that he does not deserve.

He has brought down processing times, in a short amount of time, lowered crime rate, waved college tuition and brought more opportunities through multipolar connections with other countries. He has majority of the corruption in the government and has given back the people the trust and safety that they deserve. Now he’s doing his best in ensuring a prosperous future ahead by spear-heading an incredible infrastructure development program which will give thousands of business opportunities and investments to the country and quite possibly hundreds of thousands of jobs to the unemployed.

Duterte, may be a man that possesses broken English but he is not intellectually impaired, he is just linguistically challenged, so to those who judged Duterte, you wasted your time being a wide-mouthed burden to the country. Observe before you impart what one deserves.