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The tragedy that is Trillanes: A death blow to the troubled Senator

Sen. Antonio 'Sonny' Fuentes Trillanes IV | Photo CTTO
In a Facebook post, a staunch Duterte supporter wrote an unbiased but a very informative look back on Trillanes's early life as a public official.

Sen. Trillanes is one of the relentless critics of the President.

Since President Rodrigo Duterte came to power, Sen. Antonio 'Sonny' Fuentes Trillanes IV never ceased in throwing stones to the highest leader of the land.

Strange as it seems, it can be recalled that back then, the never-resting detractor of the hardworking President used to be in a cordial relationship with the latter. He even tapped the then Davao City Mayor way back 2016 as his running mate for the national elections when the Senator ran for Vice Presidency.

Fast forward to today, the country's President must be very proud of himself for knowing better. Thanks to his age-old prudent judgement and his ability to smell someone's stink that certainly stood the test of time. One must be laughing his ass off had he been placed on the same situation as President Duterte had and did exactly the same thing.
Sen. Antonio 'Sonny' Fuentes Trillanes IV | Photo CTTO
As the Filipino saying goes, 'nasa kanya pa din ang huling halakhak'.

It is indeed impressive that Pres. Duterte knew it. And by he knew it, I mean he knew it very well. That that man appearing in the guise of an ally is not, and would never be, worthy of his — and the Filipino people's — trust and loyalty.

It is not unknown to many that the beleaguered Senator is a product of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), an academe that is being looked up to by every aspiring member of the state forces.

The PMA takes pride in producing well-performing individuals that helped, and are still helping, shape the country and take it to greater heights, may it be in the field of military or government posts.

Recently, a PMA alumni association calling for Trillanes's expulsion surfaced.
Sen. Antonio 'Sonny' Fuentes Trillanes IV | Photo CTTO
With Sen. Trillanes as its member, Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association Inc. (PMAAAI) on April 4 announced its call to remove the anti-Duterte Senator from their association. This, according to a report, was due to 'several violations' that he committed such as inciting to sedition; treasonous acts in 2012; and constant “annoying” actions, among others.

Meanwhile, in a report, the commander of the Philippine Army’s 10th Infantry Division Maj. Gen. Noel Clement mentioned the very reason why they have done it.

“It’s only simple, his actions are already going against the values taught to us at the PMA. It’s basically the reason why we have to act on it,” Clement said.

Dan Jimenez, a pro-Duterte netizen, shared his point of view in line with the situation that the Senator is current in.
Sen. Antonio 'Sonny' Fuentes Trillanes IV | Photo CTTO
Taking us back to as early as his stunt in a rebellion dubbed as Oakwook Mutiny, Jimenez gave a look-back on Sen. Trillanes's stir that exposed him to the Filipino public who was then 'personifying youthful idealism against corruption and the guts to lay his life on the line like any rebel would'.

According to the pro-Duterte netizen, 'he drew admiration from those tired of governance of thieves and exploiters, this writer included'.

He was admired back then. And PMA then might have been a one proud 'home' of the Sen. Trillanes. However, given his blunt opposition to President Duterte with his fellows in the PMA alumni association calling for his ouster, Jimenez wondered whether or not the Senator could still come back home to both the academe and association that served as his longtime 'home'.
Sen. Antonio 'Sonny' Fuentes Trillanes IV | Photo CTTO
Check out his full post below:

No, this is not going to be easy. Neither will this be kind. I don’t claim to know Trillanes, the man, other than a few brief exchanges on FB. I have seen his persona in public, his actuations and words, all recorded and dissected, perhaps applauded, perhaps pilloried.

He came into the national consciousness through the Oakwood Mutiny. Personifying youthful idealism against corruption and the guts to lay his life on the line like any rebel would, he drew admiration from those tired of governance of thieves and exploiters, this writer included.

Although the mutiny fizzled in a matter of hours and caused his incarceration for a number of years, the publicity surrounding the event made it possible for him to win a senate seat even when he was imprisoned. As a senator, he attended the senate sessions as a detainee with guards. Such did not deter his functions.
Sen. Antonio 'Sonny' Fuentes Trillanes IV | Photo CTTO
When he was released and won a second term, the metamorphosis started.

The exchange between him and the late General Angelo Reyes was a signal that Trillanes had tasted power and he would use such. Even flaunt it. After Gen. Reyes’ suicide, I opined that there were two victims in the tragedy. Reyes and Trillanes. Reyes for the obvious reason, Trillanes who from then on would be fingered to have pushed Reyes to the edge and whose crusade would be tainted by arrogance..

When Aquino III became president, Trillanes tasted more power as he became the president’s confidant. His backdoor negotiations with China regarding the Spratly problem made then Senate President Enrile call him for questioning which he openly defied and just walked out. Pride seemed to have gone to his head to be proven by succeeding acts like turning off Cayetano’s microphone, insulting Zubiri, Pacquiao and Gordon, and the boorishness he displayed in questioning witnesses in senate hearings.
Sen. Antonio 'Sonny' Fuentes Trillanes IV | Photo CTTO
In 2016, he approached then Davao Mayor Duterte to seek a vice-presidential slot. Hell hath no fury like Trillanes scorned! The spurned suitor went on a rampage that grew in scope and intensity, enlisting the help of US politicians, EU ministers, UN commissioners and lately, the ICC. Regardless of what Duterte’s accomplishments were, Trillanes dismissed them and countered with charges to bring Duterte down. He stood with the failed oligarchs, the long entrenched power elite, the yellow minions and everyone and anyone who share the same goal. Blinded by either hatred or ambition, Duterte’s downfall remained his true calling. But how could that happen in a country wherein at least 80% of Filipinos approve of the President?

The recent call of 80 plus PMAyers for Trillanes to be removed from the Alumni Roll is looking like the coup de grace of a politician’s waning power, the dawn of his insignificance. He said he would accede only if his classmates would demand that he does. Instead of meeting the challenge head on, he enlisted his mistahs to his corner with or without their consent, most of whom are still in the active service and would prefer to shy away from the inanities and deviousness of politics. How could he?
Sen. Antonio 'Sonny' Fuentes Trillanes IV | Photo CTTO
A drowning man will hold on to whatever that can save his life. Even if such will ultimately result in his own peril. The Trillanes of the Oakwood Mutiny is not the same Trillanes some PMAyers want no association with now. And the tragedy is, Trillanes will always be of PMA. A hallowed home each son and daughter looks forward going home to. Both a privilege and a right all alumni treasure.

Although no answer can suffice, the question must be asked: Can Trillanes still go home?

Sources: Dan Jimenez Manila Times

Dan Jimenez | Photo from Facebook