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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Asian Geopolitical expert classifies Duterte haters into FIVE breeds

Liberal Party, photo from
Asian Geopolitical analyst and expert, Adam Garrie notices that the opposition of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte can be classified into five distinct groups. This baffles the man for such opposition patterns were right in front of every battle field and no one apparently notices it until he starts writing about it. Below are the five following classifications.

1. Self-righteous Communists

Rather “The sanctimonious left” as Garrie would call for they claim that Duterte is a “facist”. When in reality the Philippine President’s goal is to reduce the central government’s power by turning the government into a federal republic. This will give more power to the different localities in the Philippines thus empowering the masses further more.

Duterte doesn’t want to have a long lasting regime, he wants to retire as soon as possible, given that all his major reforms have been implemented.

He is neutral, with neither left or right views on all issues. He just wants to fulfill all the logical needs of the developing country that will unleash it’s immense potenial that’s been delayed and witheld by his predecessors.

People who fall under this classification are mostly liberals and the alternate far-left media.

2. Kill Joy
Or rather “those without a sense of humor” which is in reality saddening for the Philippines. It has been the outlet of many to create humorous jokes in order to lighten the tension their listeners. Same logic goes to President Duterte who is apparently an expert at trolling his opponents and opposition. Yet there are those who retaliate, those who are obviously guilty of their crimes that the President humorously jokes about.

So may it be either way, this classification is for the guilty and the humorless.

3. Ignorantees of the Illegal Drug Problem

“Snob on drugs”. Now this is an alarming classification for those ignorant of the illegal drug problem of the country has either been kept in a safe box all their lives or has had no worries on dealing with the problems that illegal drugs have brought to the country. Either drug users or those who are far above the rest, this classification brings light to both ignorantees of the issue for there are those who have been raped, murdered, tortured and mutilated innocent lives due the users of illegal drugs, most especially the monstrous Shabu.

The Philippine President is what the drug-fixated individuals find as scum in their lives for he threatens their reliance. But unlike the west where the problem has somewhat normalized, the issue here was rampant until Duterte came into power. People classified here are those who would want to have druggies kill normal people than the police arresting and shooting, only if necessary, drug offenders who resist arrest.
4. Self-righteous Capitalists

“Neo-colonial right” as Garrie would call them but they are plain and simple, those who want to have an American lifestyle in the Philippines. American kiss-asses who were disappointed once Duterte choose the country’s benefits by cutting the “short-term support long-term exploitation” aid packages of the United States and Europe. These west-wannabees are dismayed by the Duterte’s partnerships with the more local yet less abusive China and Russia. They are shut to the future and would only want to live in the past filled with reliance on the commonwealth that exploited the Philippines for decades in exchange for “change”.

5. One-Dimensional Speakers

“Duterte’s domestic opponents who speak freely about why he’s ‘killing free speech’” or rather the minority of the Filipinos who are in extremely political circles which hate Duterte. Hypocrites who state that the President is killing free speech yet are able to speak L O U D L Y and F R E E L Y about their negative thoughts on him. They are those who they themselves have defeated the purpose of their arguement and are sadly humiliating towards the country.

In conclusion all classifications are quite funny, ranging in high, middle or low economic classes, their thoughts are primarily influenced by a larger force, the corrupt and raging Liberals and Communists. Manipulation through the need of humanity to release anger, this is what the larger force has been doing behind the scenes. For in a country that’s finally achieving change, where it’s own people acceptant about it, one has to counter the implementor of change for this is not how they dreamt it to be.