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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

#BabaeAko campaign is an insult to truly strong women

Photo credit: grpshorts.blogspot.com.au
Oh the IRONY in this, the movement for the empowerment of women in society that’s misguided since they want to change the game rather than stepping up and conquering the game.

It is a misunderstanding and misguided effort that is an insult to true feminists who strived and stood above the rest, men and women, in order to show the world that “women can do it too”. Apparently, what this misguided movement’s implying is that “women are weaker make the play area fair.”

It is just sad to know that even if what they say is true, that society was built by males, for the benefit of males and is only fair for males, then what do they make of the women that actually stood out? Today’s feminist activism is truly flawed, they demand recognition and entitlement when true feminism believes that this is earned.

Why ask the system to handicap men or alter the system which will let females win the game? What is the glory in that? Is this what true feminism? Would you want to celebrate that?
What today’s feminist activist are asking is an easy way to glory. So that even the laziest would achieve praise. And when this happens and everyone is recognized, praised and glorified, would anyone be?

That is why true feminists conquer the system and not fight it. And this is what needs to be exposed in the minds of everyone.

Source: grpshorts.blogspot.com.au