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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Martial Law Journalist calls oversensitive PH Millennial Journalists “sissies”

Photo credit: Bobi Tiglao FB page
The veteran Martial Law journalist and currently a Manila Times writer Rigoberto “Bobi” Tiglao is completely annoyed with how sensitive millennial journalists have become. Other than that oversensitivity to criticism and “threats”, Tiglao is also annoyed by how that generation of journalist work hard to distort facts rather than uncover them.

He cited Mon Tulfo, Jojo Robles and Jarius Bondoc as legitimate reporters who were being repressed and threatened. Reporters who on a daily basis have “threats and libel suits for breakfast”. Reporters who have the right to complain about being repressed. There is also Jomar Canlas case where he receives messages on his personal number about legitimate threats, yet he doesn’t spout it out and cry like a baby, he faces life head on.

Being hated, threatened and even assassinated is a job casualty of a journalist and yet if you are truly one like Tiglao and all his aforementioned reporters, then you wouldn’t be oversensitive about directed negativity unlike nowadays reporters.

This is why the Manila Times writer reminded the millennial reporters that,
“Kapag nakatanggap kayo ng bala, o funeral wreath delivered to your house, or an actual warning from somebody in a mall who says he'll not only kill you but your family too, or if you are "invited" by the NICA [National Intelligence Coordinating Agency] or ISAFP [ Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippine] to their headquarters for a conversation -- as genuine media men were during martial law -- that's when magdadakdak kayo na "be very afraid", you sissies!”

What Tiglao is basically saying that unless you’ve received a real threat, then that’s when you are entitled to say that you are being repressed, a simple cuss in Facebook doesn’t quite cut it, so stop whining and man or woman up.

Source: Bobi Tiglao FB page