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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Senator Trillanes got burned on Twitter after asking a hypocrite question

Senator Sonny Trillanes IV, photo from ABS-CBN News
Senator Sonny Trillanes IV asked on simple thing on Twitter that was meant to make people realize that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s two year term was nothing but a burden to the Filipinos but in return got burnt to crisp after MJ Reyes, an international trade expert redirects the same question to the 11 year term Senator.

Trillanes tweet was,

“Sa totool ang, after 2 years na pamamahala, napaganda ba ni  Duterte ang buhay mo?”

Reyes replied,

“In 2 yrs, crim rate dropped by 30% +/-, ala ng laglag-bala, gumaganda na sistema, kinikilala tayo ng ASEAN, Russia, Japan, China, US, etc. The better question is: Sa 11 yrs mo as senator, ano nga ba nagawa mo para mapaganda ang buhay ng mga Filipino?”

Damn, Trillanes was not expecting that at all. For despite being the senator with the most bills passed, the Filipinos just found those bills as a burden.
On Facebook, mixed reactions came from netizen’s comments but almost all were leaning on Duterte’s side, added insight to Trillanes effect on the Philippines relations with China,

“better yet, what did you (Trillanes) talk about with China in your "backdoor" negotiations which caused them to have a more aggressive stand towards us?.. ” replied to Trillanes tweet, stating that,

“Ok naman na ang buhay ko. Marunong akong magtrabaho, matipid at walang bisyo at kinakapit ko ang mga prinsipyo ng bibliya. After 2 years masaya pa rin ako at si PRRD pa rin ang presidente at hindi ka nagtagumpay sa mga masasamang balak nyo. Mas gaganda ang buhay ng mga Pinoy kung makulong ka. Ang dami mong kasalanan sa bayan.”, on the other hand supported Reyes, stating that,

“MJ Quiambao Reyes. I'm with you. In 2yrs ni Pres DU30. He approved the free tuition for state colleges/ universities which helped a lot for all the poor yet deserving students. I, myself is a product of a state college. Taxes for employees has been lowered down. No taxes for below minimum to 20k earner. Si walang favoritism. Cabinet members kahit ka brad/kaibigan pinatalsik o voluntarily resign. And marami pa siyang nagawa and gagawin for the good of our countrymen. Praying for our President”.

We really can’t do anything about Trillanes and his large mouth and underused brain but one thing was for sure he asked for it and MJ Reyes delivered a spanking that will hopefully get him to think before he talks.