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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sister Fox: LP's sacrificial lamb

Sister Patricia Fox | Photo CTTO
Sister Fox’s continuing telenovela is far from ending. The writers, producers and directors have devised twists and turns that will make the avid fan glued for a little bit more. The more outrageous and ridiculous the plot, the better.

So after the wanna-be successor of Mother Teresa was ordered deported by the Bureau of Immigration for activities a foreign national should not participate in, a group of Fox’s supporters filed a motion to prevent her deportation. Not only that, the Ateneo Jesuits, said a mass in her honor to extol her virtues and character, short of making her a saint. Meanwhile, for her part, Fox stated that an attack on her is an attack on the church. And you thought, the best mind in movie drama died with Lino Brocka!
Photo CTTO
So, for now, Fox stays. Why?

She is the only one at the present who can give Duterte’s opponents and scheming usurpers, a credible face of dissent. Robredo, the sitting Vice-President and Duterte’s anointed #1 critic is in a precarious situation as outright proofs of cheating on her part are coming out, putting in doubt the legitimacy of her victory. It is no surprise that her trust rating went down 13 points, from a +52 to +39.

Trillanes, another very vocal and bitter critic has been silent for a while with all his overtures to foreigners remaining a dud. Over a year ago, in one of his forays in the US, he said emphatically that Duterte was going down. Ironically, Digong even boosted his approval rating after that claim. Trillanes would bow out of the senate by June of next year.
Photo CTTO
Alejano, Trillanes’ heir apparent, has been trying to be the new attack dog while eyeing a senate seat, hoping his being in the news will result in name recall when the senatorial election comes next year. He berated the president for doing a “useless junket” when Duterte visited with the OFWs in Hong Kong. A statement that boomeranged badly as the meeting showed how the OFWs loved and cared for the President. The silence afterwards, from the aspiring wanna be senator was deafening.

There are other critics from the senate like Pangilinan, Drillon, Hontiveros and the jailed De Lima but their credibility is shut if not totally non-existent. The memorandum that is being followed to deport Fox was penned by De Lima when she was the Secretary of the Department of Justice, a good dose of salt to the opposition’s gaping wound! The undisputed fact is, they run to the foreigners for succor because they can’t make the Filipinos support their cause.
Photo CTTO
Which brings the question: why push Fox, front and center?

Well, she is old, she is a nun, she has worked with the poor and she is not a politician. On the surface, as presented, she has no agenda but the people’s welfare. But what about her handlers? The people hiding behind her? The directors, the producers and the writers? Are they like Fox? Or are they foxes?

And that is how sly the Family Fox is!

The people though, see the puppeteers and the evil schemes they concoct. They want to depose the duly elected president and the people must be fooled. They must gain the sympathy of the masses. They must appeal to the people’s compassion and invoke faith. Parlay hell and damnation. Use God if need be. The conquistadors of yore used God, why shouldn’t they?
Photo CTTO
And that is where Fox comes in. The sacrificial lamb. The victim nun who’s only fault is serving the people. The Joan of Arc who can do no wrong. Weak. Vulnerable. Angel like. The face of compassion against Duterte’s “evil”.

The ridiculousness, the farcicality and the utter stupidity of such a move can make even grown men cry.

For how can they even think to make a foreigner the face of the opposition in a country that has been exploited, enslaved, raped and murdered by heartless foreign invaders?

Rizal, Bonifacio, Lapulapu, Del Pilar, Luna and the rest of the brave heroes who died fighting for freedom are turning in their graves! Did they sacrifice their lives for this mockery, this treason? If only they can rise up to annihilate the traitors!
Photo CTTO
Sleep well, though, immortal epitomes of the brown race, Filipinos’ eternal pride. Your people, the true citizens of the Republic will carry on. Lest the archipelago gets swallowed up for good by the sea! No, you did not die in vain! You never did.

Source: Dan Jimenez

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