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Saturday, May 5, 2018

This is why I supported Duterte

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte | Photo CTTO

Nobody forced me to support PRD. Even when he was last in the ranking, I was already vocal in social media. I never needed affirmation. I defended him because of the following things:

1. He has political will and was willing to go beyond his duty with much fanfare.
2. He led by example and was transparent in everything in his governance.
Former Pres. BS Aquino III | Photo CTTO
3. I think our country needed a disciplinarian who was willing to literally punish the oppressors.
4. He hates oppression
5. He never tolerates corruption and abuses even his own people.
LP Senators | Photo CTTO
In the same breath, the reasons I disliked PNoy and the LP are the following:

1. They protected their own kind and kept a code of silence
2. They seldom apologized and in many instances would always have people to blame or throw under the bus.
Atty. Bruce Rivera | Photo from Facebook
3. They love propaganda
4. They use smear campaigns to silence their opposition.
5. They are not transparent and very bureaucratic.

Now, if you react in same way as as a Dilawan even if you are a Duterte supporter or in his government, you are still same things I detest. Do not expect me to sing your praises.
Photo from Facebook
Source: Bruce V. Rivera