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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

As we celebrate Independence day, former Aquino supporter recalls 1987 Mendiola incident

Former Aquino supporter, Chito Sierra, took to the popular social media site to express her thoughts as he celebrates the country’s 120th anniversary of Independence Day.
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Sierra shared an old video of the happenings of the Mendiola Massacre where several people were killed after the authorities bombed with tear gas an open fired on rallyists demanding for comprehensive land reforms from then President Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

The incident resulted to several people dead, and a lot more injured.

Sierra shared his experience, saying that he was there during the incident for a moment to witness it. He was only there to see the rally only to be surprised to see the police firing tear gas to the people on the streets.
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He said that he and his companions left the area immediately after the police shot off the gas. Most of the people escaped as well. He adds that because they left the area, they only saw the first part of the confrontation.
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Concluding his post, Sierra says that this is a rightful time to celebrate the country’s independence.

He adds that incidents like the Mendiola Massacre is most likely to never happen during this time because of the Duterte administration.

He says that President Rodrigo Duterte is free in allowing people to go out in the streets and protest to their hearts’ desire.
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"I was one of those who partially witness this incident when this happened. We were at that time staying at the National Shrine of St. Michael and the Archangels (San Miguel Church) wherein my former boss- Msgr. Josefino Sarreal Ramirez was the Rector and Parish Priest. Out of curiosity, we went out to Mendiola watching the on going rally standing infront of La Consolacion College. We saw the confrontation going on. Then all of a sudden the police started to fire tear gas. Air direction was towards us. When we started to fell tears due to the smell of the tear gas we had to retreat and went back to the Church. Hence, we only witness partially the confrontation that happened that day between the rallyist and the military personnel.
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Thank God today as we celebrate our 120th anniversary of our Independence, similar happening will never happen under this present administration of President Duterte since he himself has said that rallyist are free to go out in the streets and voice out their grivances provided they do not destroy public properties and/or do any harmful things."

Source: Chito Sierra