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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Commentator: Group of priests, theologians ask SC and JBC to reject anti-Sereno Ombudsman applicant

In his Manila Times column, journalist, editor and commentator Jojo A. Robles slams the decision of new justice secretary to let the Australian nun Sr. Patricia Fox to stay in the country.

Robles said that it was an “insult to Filipinos”, especially to those who know how to behave when they are in foreign lands.

Robles cited that he already suspected President Rodrigo Duterte’s new justice secretary Menardo Guevarra, being one of former president Noynoy Aquino’s appointee as deputy executive secretary for legal affairs.

Guevarra first removed pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Napoles from the government’s Witness Protection Program, then recently, he overturned a deportation order issued by the Bureau of Immigration against the Yellow heroine, Sr. Patricia Fox.

“I guess my suspicions have more than just a little basis.” Robles said.

“As the ever-brilliant Sen. Risa Hontiveros recently noted, apropos of something else entirely, a pattern seems to be emerging here—especially since Guevarra’s action on Fox’s case has been universally praised by the same people (Hontiveros included) who are using the nun as yet another piece of supposed evidence to prove the existence of a “dictatorial” Duterte regime.” He continued
“Thus, Guevarra’s intervention has been described as “divine” by those who should know better—especially those who are aware that Fox’s plight would not even merit comment in places with more proactive and sensible immigration policies, like the nun’s own homeland of Australia.” Robles added.

He then went on citing how strict other countries are when it comes to adhering to immigration policies. *

“How many “airport-to-airport” cases involving Filipinos have been deported (or have gone unreported, really) simply because authorities in other countries have decided that they don’t deserve entry on the basis of profiling or other such faulty and ultimately subjective grounds?” Robles said.

He also lamented that here in our country, Sister Fox can fight her deportation even we have enough proof of her violation.

Robles also pointed out the fitting coincidence that Fox was interviewed only hours after she received her stay of deportation while in another rally that she was attending.

“The nun understands that she is safe as long as officials like Guevarra, who are not at all shy about countermanding an order from Duterte himself for reasons only they know, are allowed to insult Filipinos in their own country.” Robles said.

“Divine intervention, indeed. I know that some people actually think that the Aquino family has what is tantamount to a God-given right to rule this benighted land.” He added.

Not just that, Robles also made a too ridiculous revelation, he said:

“A group of 18 priests, theologians and other such religious persons asking the Supreme Court and the Judicial and Bar Council to reject an applicant for the post of Ombudsman because of the applicant’s alleged bias against yet another Yellow heroine in the person of Maria Lourdes Sereno.” Robles said.*

Now, unlike the nun, these priests cannot be deported since they are not foreigners. But what they did to exclude Associate Justice Samuel Martires from the list of Ombudsman’s nominees just because he is against Sereno, is kind of alien, maybe not only for Robles but for the majority of the Filipinos.

Robles pointed out that Church members should have not intervened in political affairs especially after they blamed the President over the kiIlings of 3 priests in the last 6 months.

“These days, when the leadership of the Philippine Catholic Church is virtually accusing Duterte of having three priests killed, clerics should know better than to get involved in yet another purely secular and politically partisan endeavor.” He said.

“What’s amazing is that some people still wonder why more and more Filipinos are leaving the faith of their fathers and staying away from the Church. Then again, you only have to listen to some of the more politically active leaders of the Church to realize that they are no longer preaching the faith that you and I grew up with.” Robles said.

“And if the Church doesn’t realize this, then it really needs immediate – and most probably divine – intervention.” He added.

 Source: Manila Times