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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Commentator on Bro. Eddie: "If Duterte really offended God, shouldn't he be apologizing to God alone?"

Bro. Eddie Vilanueva run for a senatorial position three times / photo from Rappler (ctto)

Another veteran writer and commentator, Jojo Robles slammed the recent statement of Jesus Is Lord founder Bro. Eddie Villanueva, who said that President Rodrigo Duterte violated the Constitution and demanded the president to issue a public apology over his ‘stupid god’ remarks.

Robles noted on this Manila Times article that this issue on the president’s supposedly non-controversial remarks had gone too far.

The columnist said that he had not plan on writing something about the president’s recent remarks about God, but what Villanueva said had changed his mind.

“But that was before I read about a local religious leader who announced yesterday that he hoped Duterte would apologize for maligning the Creator, if he did not want to face a huge prayer rally denouncing him and urging divine punishment to befall him. Then I decided that this non-controversy had gone too far.” Robles wrote.

“According to news reports, Brother Eddie Villanueva, founder of the Jesus Is Lord movement, wrote Duterte to seek a public apology. Villanueva said he believed that the President would apologize because as a believer in “retributive justice,” Duterte would “not allow the offended to remain offended.”” He added.

Villanueva also said that if Duterte did not apologize and repent for what he has said, “a huge prayer rally designed, first, to intercede and for spiritual warfare [and]worse… imprecatory prayers.”

In an interview of Villanueva with Karen Davila, the preacher believes that the country would also suffer curses, and illness because of a wicked leader as he would be punished.

“When you slander or curse God, you are inviting curses not only for yourself but the entire nation, calamities and disasters,” Villanueva said*

“Are we now to witness the spectacle of leaders of various religions taking turns at cursing the President and wishing him ill, with the end view of hoping God would punish him for his potty mouth?” Robles wrote.

“First of all, I don’t know how Villanueva’s demand for an apology is going to help the situation any. After all, if Duterte had really offended God, shouldn’t he be apologizing to God alone, instead of to the public?” Robles added.

Considering the social media feeds pertaining to the president’s remarks, majority of the Filipinos seemed not even affected by it – for their faith is still intact, it didn’t waiver just because Duterte ranted about his own belief.

Robles lamented on why leaders of religions would even hope God would put on wrath on someone who expresses different religious opinion.

“Are Christians now also to engage in declaring a religious war against infidels and other people who do not believe as they do, as if this was somehow demanded by their faith?” he said.

“See, this is where the slippery slope of mixing religion and politics will lead us: The already intractable problems of secular governance suddenly and inexorably become matters of biblical import and proportion.” Robles also pointed out.*

“Again, I will insist that this controversy was manufactured and blown out of proportion by the political opposition to Duterte, which is always seeking to pin some evil on him, whether it is the alleged indiscriminate killing of suspected drug pushers and users or the slandering of God. It is only unfortunate that our so-called religious leaders have decided that they should take the personal rantings of a fallen-away Catholic who just happens to be president seriously in order to warn us of dire consequences for the entire nation if he doesn’t repent and ask God’s forgiveness in public, like a MalacaƱang-based Holy Week flagellant.” Robles stressed out.

At the end of his article, Robles declared that his final word was to agree with Duterte’s daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte who knows the president better than anyone else; who also said:

“Please do not listen to [Duterte] interpret the Bible or Quran, he is not a priest, a pastor or an imam. He is the President, listen only when he speaks about his work. Do not waste your negative energy on his interpretation of the Bible, that is his opinion. He is protected by the constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression, even if he is President.”

 Source: Manila Times