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Friday, June 22, 2018

Commentator on Pangilinan's 'love' for the tambays: 'it is the ordinary tax payers, law-abiding citizens that need protection from the tambays'

Jojo A Robles slams Senator Kiko Pangilinan for supporting the tambays (ctto)

Veteran columnist and commentator, Jojo A. Robles slammed opposition Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan over his attack on the ‘no tambays’ policy of the Duterte administration.

“I KNOW that the political opposition will do anything to attack the government.” Robles said on his column at the Manila Times, referring to Pangilinan and his other party-mates.

Robles stressed that, maybe Pangilinan has a different view of what tambays do, and “how they are really a menace to people like you and me who don’t live in the exclusive subdivisions favored by our senators.”

In his social media account, Pangilinan posted a nine-point list of “do’s and don’ts” for the tambays when being arrested by the police, which Robles found weird.

(Translated from the original Filipino)

When about to be arrested for being a “tambay”:

1. Stay calm.

2. Ask for the name and unit of the arresting officer and the reason why you are being arrested.

3. Don’t argue, but explain your side.

4. When arrested, remain silent but ask to be allowed to call a relative or a lawyer.

5. Don’t sign anything.

6. Do not attempt to escape.

7. Be alert to the possibility that evidence may be “planted” on you.

8. Look for possible witnesses, whose testimony you may need later on.

9. If possible, take pictures or video.

“Of course, what Pangilinan didn’t tell his beloved tambays was a piece of advice our parents gave us growing up: Don’t be a tambay to begin with.” Robles said.

Robles also reminded Pangilinan that it should be the ordinary law-abiding citizens and tax payers who need protection from the tambays.

“As for me, growing up in a tambay-rich neighborhood made me wonder why the police were never around to protect us from these crime-prone people when they have grown bored of doing nothing and start looking for some action – which is often.’ The commentator recalled his youth.

He further slammed Pangilinan why would he seek for the rights of the tambays who break the law be protected.*

 “he should just encourage people not to loiter, even if they aren’t doing anything illegal that could lead to their arrest.” Robles said.

Pangilinan, on another Twitter post said: “Meron bang mayayaman na tumatambay sa kalye o sa sidewalk? Mahihirap na naman ang inaapi at inaalipusta”

The president, on the other hand, made it clear that he never ordered the police to arrest the tambays, since loitering is not a crime.

“Those tambays, I never said arrest them. You idiots.  Why don’t you at least rewind what I said? I said go home,” Duterte said during his speech at the 2018 National Information and Communications Technology Summit in Davao City.

“Of course I can accost you, what are you doing here? If you are a minor, under parens patriae (authority to protect citizens), you are the father of the nation, you can always give an advice for minors,” he said.

Duterte, however, said that those people who made the public places as their “living room” and were drinking in public should be apprehended, as they are more likely to become “potential trouble for the public.”

“The criminals there, the drug users, they are not supposed to be there. My directive is, if there are people loitering about, you should go home. If you do not, I will bring you to the office in Pasig,” the president said.

 Source: Manila Times