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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cory Aquino's Legacy: Strengthening of the Forces of NPA - Fr. Balweg

Late president Cory Aquino and Fr. Conrado Balweg / photo from Google (ctto)

A DDS and Pro Duterte Blogger named Maharlika has made another post on her Facebook Page telling how Cory Aquino made a legacy by empowering the New People’s Army during her term as president of the country.

Her post includes a transcription along with a video interview of Fr. Conrado Balweg, a former Filipino priest and rebel founder of Cordillera People’s Liberation Army.

Before he was k1lled, Balweg revealed that the former president Cory, strengthened the forces of the New People’s Army (NPA).

Read full post below:

Cory Aquino’s Legacy:

Puwersa ng New People's Army, pinalakas ni Santa Cory.

Rebelasyon ni Fr. Conrado Balweg bago siya pinatay ng kapwa nya NPA noong December 31, 1999

"Since the Cory administration, lumakas ang NPA. KasI noong panahon ni Marcos malapit na kaming bumagsak noon eh. It was only the Cordillera Group that saved the situation. Pero noong dumating yung Cory administration, biglang lumakas yung NPA, dahil pinalakas nga nang gobyerno." - Fr. Balweg

This post from Maharlika went viral and have reached thousands of people using Facebook.

Who is Fr. Conrado Balweg?

Conrado Balweg was born to a poor farmer family in Cordilleras Mountains. His roots belonged to the Tingguian, a tribal minority often called as “people from the mountains”.

the rebel priest Fr. Balweg / photo from Google (ctto)

The tribe was primitive and underdeveloped, many people also believed that they are into headhunting and animism. To escape such branding, Conrado and his siblings entered mission schools. His parents wanted him to be a priest.

He went to a priest school of the international order of the Steyler missionaries, the "Societas Verbi Divini” (SVD) , from where he learned about the teachings of Marxism and the Liberation Theology. *

The lectures on Liberation Theology has more influence on Conrado, as it focuses
attention to social work especially to the poor and undermined people. On the hand,
Liberation teachings was not something that the Catholic Church is fond of.

Pope Paul II even stressed that social work is okay but “the conception of Christ as a
political figure, as a revolutionary or person engaged in subversive activities does not
correspond to the catechism of the church.”

Theologians, priests and nuns who contradict the teachings of Rome will enter the
possibility of excommunication.

During the height of Martial Law, Conrado was ordained and became the priest from the
Tingguian tribe. Conrado devoted his time to social work while serving as a priest in
Sal-Lapadan, and called for structural reforms. He also protested against the
multinational timber companies which invaded lands from the natives due to lack of
documents. Further, he accused the Marcos government of being uncontrolled.

Then in 1979, he decided to join the Cordillera People’s Army, (also an NPA wing from the
his region). Conrado was nicknamed as “Ka Ambo” and eventually , became the “Robin
Hood of the Cordilleras”.

He married a comrade named Corazon “Azon” Cortel, and had five children with her.
That time, Conrado was already excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church.

Allegedly, Marcos government had put a price for his head and ordered his capture.

While he struggled to survive, Conrado denounced the CPA/NPA as a
totalitarian organization, acting against the interest of the Igorots and ruled by city
dwellers in the lowland. He then formed his own group, the Cordillera People’s
Liberation Army (CPLA).

Since then, Conrado’s group and the NPAs have fought, a fight between Conrado and his
brother,Jovencio, who was leading the CPA.

                                                                                      photo from Google (ctto)

When former President Cory Aquino assumed presidency in Malacanang in 1986,
Conrado and his group agreed to settle and they were given amnesty, the
government also considered the comprehensive regional autonomy he was fighting for
Cordillera Region.

In 1999, Conrado was sh0t while on vacation with his family in Malibong, Abra. He and his
brother allegedly had an argument then a sh0t from outside their house went through
k*lling Conrado on the spot.

Police initially reported that it was Jovencio who k!lled Conrado, but the statement was
later on retracted and pointed to an NPA hitman.

In 2000, investigations also revealed that it was not Jovencio but a communist
guerrilla who sh0t Conrado on December 31, 1999.

Father Conrado Balweg fought for the self-determination of the people of Cordillera.
lead to the creation of Cordillera Administrative Region.

                                   Cory Aquino sat down with Fr. Balweg to negotiate / photo from Google (ctto)