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Friday, June 22, 2018

Daughter of former judge gives a compelling message to UP students who disrespects Pres. Duterte

UP protesters, photo from Google
To the UP students who stuck the President’s likeness on their urinals and to those who heckled him during the Independence Day rites and those who said nasty stuff to him when he signed the landmark Mental Health Law.

In fact, to all those who hate him despite the million and one great things he’s done for our country.

You know what? It doesn’t matter to him.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it hurts him or makes him sad or makes him regret taking on the burden of the presidency –for a short while.
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Tao lang kasi sha so I am pretty sure he feels all that sometimes.

But this man is made of presidential timber.
And it will ALWAYS be about country to him.

And even if it pains him sometimes, he will manage to dig deep and find that place in him where he can find the wisdom and strength to shrug it off and say, “Pabayaan mo. Demokrasya tayo.”

Then he will keep on keeping on.

He will keep on clocking one win after another that will benefit the Filipino people.

Including the assh0l3s of UP who think it the height of political sophistication and dissent to pee on the likeness of the President who made possible for them what we have been fighting for for AGES: FREE EDUCATION.
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At no other point in our country’s history did we ever come close to it.

And then not even a year into this President’s term of office, there it was, the Holy Grail that we believe is the Great Equalizer: Education.

But you know what? As much as it hurt me to see those stickers –and as much as it hurt us who love him, this President just shrugged it off.

Will he get back at those who have dealt him this low blow? Sorry for us who want to kick the nuts of those snot nosed kids but he won’t.
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He will just roll his sleeves up and be President to us all again.

That’s the kind of President he is.

A true one.

So to those kids responsible for those stickers, enjoy the freedom to express yourself. THIS is what democracy looks like. (May bayad yan though. At some point, sisingilin kayo ng bayan at dapat ready kayo magserbisyo.)

And that man in Malacañang? THAT’S how a President looks like.

He is far more politically sophisticated than you nutheads and your professors who never left the 4 walls of the academe ----combined.

Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy
PCOO Usec Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, photo from Google