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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Duterte reveals Trillanes earned millions during travels to China for Scarborough shoal

Besides the controversy surrounding Senator Antonio Trillanes IV as having a hand in the turnover of the Scarborough Shoal to China, President Rodrigo Duterte says that the senator has even earned millions of pesos in his travels and transactions with China.

Iyong kinita niya sa China, he was going back and forth about eight or nine times to China and iyon iyong nag-accumulate ang pera niya. But that was the time we lost the Scarborough Shoal,” Duterte said.

The President reported that Trillanes deposited USD 75,000 in a Zurich account and USD 193,000 in a Singapore account under the name Antonio F. Trillanes.
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The senator was confident about not have offshore accounts and paraded his sign bank waivers as proof, but Duterte brushed these off saying that the waivers are inapplicable to some of his banks.

Even if he waives everything there, iyong co-partner niyang mga Chinese for every bank, 'pag hindi nagbigay ng waiver, you cannot open the account," Duterte said.
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"Hindi mo talaga pwede buksan and I am sure na iyong joint partner niya, mga dummy niya or iyong mga nagbigay sa kanya ng pera,” he added.

However, the President has hopes in being able to uncover Trillanes’ Zurich and Singapore accounts because he had no co-depositors.
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Our provider said that we focus on the Zurich bank account and Singapore bank account since all of these accounts are single accounts without co-depositor,” he said.

Matanong ko lang ang Pilipino, did it occur to you the strange thing na wala siyang bank account ni piso? He’s a senator, a family man, nagtataka ba kayo na wala siyang sinasabing bank account niya na kanya?” Duterte said.