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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Duterte's opponents only proved they lacked wit, humor -geopolitical expert

Adam Garrie and the controversial kiss of President Rodrigo Duterte to the OFW, photo compiled from Google
President Rodrigo Duterte's opponents and critics only proved that they have zero sense of humour and lack the common touch, according to geopolitical expert and Eurasia Future director Adam Garrie.

"For such people, whether Duterte walks, talks, sleeps, eats or kisses, he is somehow at fault. This is yet another childish ploy to undermine a President who gets things done and is both figuratively and literally loved for it. "

Garrie, in his article for Eurasia Future, made the statement following the recent incident where Duterte kissed a Filipina in South Korea where he was attending a meet-and-greet for his supporters there.

Duterte was in Korea for discussions with President Moon Jae-in regarding Seoul’s continued investment into Philippine development programs.

The kiss was done after Duterte's speech, wherein he recommended a a book called Altar of Secrets: Sex, Politics and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church by Aries Rufo.

Duterte has long been a critic of the Catholic church and its alleged corruption and interventions in the Philippine political scheme.

Garrie expressed that he is one with the President on the matter.

"While every individual including clergy has the right to express a political opinion in The Philippines, when an institution as wealthy and power as the Roman Catholic Church sees fit to play an obstructionist role in national politics, the institution ceases to be one concerned with the spiritual life of individuals and becomes one that is concerned with the political fate of the state – something which is not and cannot allowed to be its role. The Church’s meddling in politics not only immoral but it is deeply regressive and anti-democratic," he said.
He said that what matters most for the country is to break the political cartel which is the church's meddling with the state's affairs.

"In this sense, Duterte’s offering of the Rufo’s book shows a further commitment to break the dangerous, retrogressive and neo-colonial stranglehold of the Roman Catholic Church on Philippine politics. But it was the way in which Duterte gave away a copy of Rufo’s book that was the ultimate trolling of both the Roman Catholic Church and his Liberal Party opponents," Garrie said.

The kiss that transpired has garnered several reactions from the public, with some criticizing the action.

Garrie explained that even the woman who was kissed, Bea Kim, said herself that the kiss was just meant to entertain.

"The kiss doesn’t mean anything except to entertain and make other Filipinos in the gathering happy. I assure you, for me and even the President, there was no malice in the kiss. My husband was seated in front while I was in the middle part of the audience. I just went up the stage when the president picked someone in white to come up the stage. I looked around, there was no other in white except me. It’s rare to have the chance to meet the President up close. It’s true, it was just a twist and there is no malice. The President even asked me if I was single. I told him I am married to a Korean," the Filipina said.

Garrie said that Kim's reaction means that there is nothing wrong with the act, but others have taken it upon themselves to put false words in Bea Kim’s mouth all in further attempts to slander Duterte.
He said that such has become a de facto method for Duterte critics who are unable to convince his legion of supporters to abandon him.

Garrie added that out of their failure to incite supporters to change ways, the opponents resort to innuendo and misappropriation of facts to defame the President.

He said that one kind of Duterte haters are those "without a sense of humor."

"The other thing that binds Duterte detractors together is a total lack of any sense of humour. Duterte is not only a prolific President but an expert at trolling his opponents. He often repeats the insults he has to deal with and jokingly turns these insults into positive attributes as a rhetorical device to expose the absurdity of the original accusations. Those who do not understand this are guilty either of having no sense of humour, being objectively stupid or people from the west who can only understand an English speaker if their accent resembles that of Orson Welles or the Queen of Englan," he previously wrote in an article.

The geopolitical expert said that for his opponents, Duterte is at fault no matter what he does, and this is a form of a plot to defame him.

"The only kiss to worry about in Philippine politics is the yellow kiss of death. Luckily for Bea Kim, she received a very much more positive form of playful affection," he said.

Source: eurasiafuture.com